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Best Black Friday Coffee Grinder Deals 2017

Black Friday is just around the corner, and that means big savings for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a full breakdown of a store’s line up, or a more specialized look at a certain product, we have you covered. I’ve been focusing on the things I am most familiar with, computer components, mattresses, and of course coffee grinders. I did an extensive test of a variety of grinders last year, and the big names on the market have not changed. What will be changing is the asking price, so I took a look at the released data to see if there is anything worth shelling out for.
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Sad to say that a lot of the information is not available yet, they still have time, but I have been able to find a half dozen options that meet the criteria, i.e. being both high quality and low priced. I spent a long time with my previous series of reviews on the best coffee grinders on the market, and I learned quite a bit about the industry, and the craft of making fine coffee. The style of grinder you need depends entirely on the brewing method you intend to use on a day to day basis. If you are making a drip brewed coffee then you can usually get away with a low cost bladed grinder, but if you make a moka pot coffee you are going to have to shell out for something a little more high end. Let’s break it down.

What to Look for in a Coffee Grinder Black Friday 2017

As mentioned, the style of brew you are making has a big influence on the kind of grinder you need to buy. Right now there are really only two kinds on the market. The low cost bladed grinders, and the slightly more expensive burr based grinders. Bladed grinders are all electric, while burr grinders can come in either form.

The brewing style tends to call for different grains as well, drip coffee needing a medium fine, moka needing an extra fine, french press needing a nice coarse grind, etc. The other thing to take into account is the uniformity of the grind. When the ground coffee is made up of a lot of different sized chunks then you get a coffee that is either weaker than it should be, or bitterer than it should be. It’s all down to the time it takes to release the goodness, with a uniform grind releasing it all at the same time, allowing you to really dial in the flavors you want, while an irregular grind is more of a crap shoot.

So, with bladed grinders you are getting a cheaper product, usually, and one that takes a very short time to grind. Those are nice benefits, but the uniformity is lacking with these models. If you are doing a moka pot grind then it is very possible, with some care, to achieve a near uniform grind though, and will make a passingly acceptable drip coffee grind, but with the coarser methods you are going to end up with something quite unpalatable.

Burr grinders are better for uniformity, but due to being a little more complex, they are more expensive. Add in the fact that quite a few of the cheaper ones are hand grinders and you are spending perhaps a little longer than you might like in prep. The electric ones tend to range between $70-$300 when it isn’t Black Friday, so not exactly a cheap option, but if you like to experiment then they are really a must purchase.

Best Coffee Grinder Deals Black Friday 2017

  • First up we have a manual burr grinder, and it is one I have seen before, though I didn’t review this particular brand. The Meerveil Hand Held Adjustable Burr Grinder is a Chinese grinder that a lot of firms have latched onto. Javapresse and a few others sell the same model, with their own branding, but none sell it for quite this cheaply, at $8.99. That is more than two thirds the price of the same model from Javapresse. I have used this one, and found it very easy to clean, you can read my Javapresse review for the rundown on hand grinder cleaning. The coarse grind is a little lacking, but the finer you go the better it gets. A great option for Turkish, Moka and a really nice drip. This one can be found on

  • Next up is a bladed build, the KitchenAid BCG110OB, but don’t let that dissuade you. Bladed grinders have a lot going for them, and KitchenAid are a well regarded brand. The best thing about bladed grinders is the fact that you are not limited to coffee. I have made all kinds of spice rubs with my bladed build, and the coffee made in it is still great. This model retails on for $23.99, but it will be at Target for $8.99, a hell of a bargain. Build quality here is far and away ahead of similarly priced bladed grinders, so expect it to last. It comes apart quickly and easily, so cleaning it is nor harder than cleaning a plate. Depending on your needs this could be exactly what you are looking for.

  • Next is a bit of a change of pace, coming from Macy’s. A full french press set, including a bladed grinder. I have mentioned already that I do not think that bladed builds make the best French Press coffee, and I stand by that, but for a three set, grinder, press and kettle, $39.93 is a great price. Bodum brand three set, and Bodum make some damn fine French Presses. The set is light weight, and made to travel well. If you want a coffee that is a step up from brewed, then this is certainly something to consider. Might be a good idea to get this as a starter set though, on your journey to coffee Nirvana, a new grinder down the road would not bee too expensive, especially right now.

  • I love me some Walmart deals, regardless of the general consensus on the store as a whole. This is a nice light weight, fast bladed grinder, from Nesco. At $8.50 is a a touch cheaper that the rest on the list, though not by all that much. Quality wise it is on par with the KitchenAid build further up, so if you can get it it is well worth the price. The usual caveats apply here, bladed grinders are faster and more versatile, even if they do make a less consistent coffee than a burr grinder. It really does depend on your needs.

  • Moving up a little, we have a slightly higher end bladed build from the excellent Mr Coffee Brand. They make some very nice models, and the attention to detail in the Mr Coffee 12 Cup electric Grinder cannot be overstated. I have used this one before, and it is the easiest to clean. Not a huge fan of the 12 Cup design, as unless you are making a large pot much of the coffee will spoil before you can use it. This one is best for a big drip pot, or an extra large french press. I am more of a Moka pot guy, so small form factor and small capacity are more my thing, but this could be exactly hat you are looking for. You will be paying slightly more for this one though, at $17.99.

  • Moving on, I was able to find a Hario Skerton for $23.99. If you have been looking for a grinder it is likely that you have heard of these guys. They make some of the best hand crank models on the market. Ceramic burr grinders inside, great for all kinds of coffee styles, though I did note that the finest setting was a little inconsistent in my review of this one. Finding one at this price is s steal, and the fact that I did so on NewEgg has me a little confused. Regardless, it’s a fine product at a great price, and well worth it if you want something portable, high grade and long lasting.

  • Last but not least there is this electric burr grinder from Gourmia. Found it on Amazon, at $23.99, a fair mark down from $40. I have reviewed Gourmia builds in the past, and while they are far from the easiest to clean, the quality, and ease of use, is absolutely wonderful. A decent size tank on this one, more than enough for whatever kind of coffee you have in mind, and one of the most versatile conical burrs I have seen, assuming the tech is the same across their models. You do sacrifice portability, and the ability to do anything but coffee, but for those who want the best you will have to spend the money.

Black Friday Coffee Grinders 2017

I wish there was more information available right now, but it is what it is. There is going to be a lot more deals in the run up to the big day, and as soon as something new comes down the pipeline you can be sure this article will be updated. Until then we still have a half dozen models to consider this season.

More than anything else I hope you take on the information I put down here. When it comes to coffee grinders you just need to know what you need. Know your preferred brewing methods, the required quantity, and the additional things you might want out of a grinder. A lot of folk will advise against bladed builds out of hand, for example, and I think that is a mistake. not only are they cheaper, they are faster, and way more versatile, and so long as you know what you are doing, and pay attention to your grind, you can get a coffee that is a match for even the best conical burr builds out there.

Hope that helped, happy shopping folks.

Barry W Stanton
Irish born writer who drinks too much caffeine and reads too much Terry Pratchett. I enjoy long walks on the server and Korean cuisine.


  1. Hello! Thanks for the post. Is the Hario Skerton still on sale for $23.99? I didn’t see it online. If so, maybe you wouldn’t mind posting the link 🙂 Thank you!


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