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Best Black Friday Mattress Deals 2017

Gotta love Black Friday. I have spent the last few years jumping from project to project, trying out and reviewing a whole slew of different product lines, but only during the Black Friday season do I get to go back and check up on things. I’ve looked at computer hardware, a real passion of mine, coffee grinders, which I spent the better part of two months researching and reviewing, and now back to my roots, with a look at what mattresses are on offer this season. My series of mattress reviews are still probably my favorite. I had a blast at the time, even if the rapid mattress changes led to a slightly disturbed sleeping pattern for a while. I’ve taken a look back into the industry to see how the big players are doing, and it seems that the words I wrote way back in late 2015/early 2016 still hold true. Saatva is expensive, Leesa is a great all rounder, and the tech is still evolving.

My usual Black Friday haunts were not pulling the data I needed, so if you are a regular on Slick deals, or sitting around waiting for ad leaks to come out you are in for a disappointment. The mattress business is all online now, well the best products are all online now, and if you want the best you have to go direct to the supplier. Thankfully I know what to look for, and I have been able to find a fair few discounts for Black Friday. One or two might release a better deal closer to the date, but for now the prices have never been better.

What to Look for in a Mattress

When it comes to buying a mattress there is really no question of whether to go to a store or buy it online. The direct to consumer mattress market is not only cheaper, but they provide better aftersale support, and the warranties are uniformly amazing. I feel like reviewing mattresses first spoiled all future warranties for me, as no other business can match the quality on offer here.

Knowing what you want in terms of feel is pretty important too. If you have back pain issues then a mattress that leans towards the firmer end of the spectrum is the one to go for. If you get too warm in the night then something with a solid cooling solution should suit you well. I have selected a curated list of mattresses that I feel are not only the best at what they do, but are also nicely discounted for the Black Friday season.

So let's get to it, see what's on offer.

The Bear Mattress Black Friday 2017

The Bear mattress was a bit of a late in the game surprise for me. I didn't know about it, it was actually someone in the comment section who filled me in, but after reading up on it I knew I needed to try it out. This mattress is selling itself as the perfect bed for athletes and those with a more active lifestyle. The claims made were outlandish, A mattress that makes you recover faster? How on earth could that possibly be true, but after doing my research I found that there is real truth to their claim.

The key is the topper material. A combination of polyester and Celliant. I had no idea what Celliant was, but it turns out that it is a material that works with the bodies natural magnetic field to improve blood flow and oxygenation. I straight up did not believe that for a second, but a double blind study, replicated study at that, has shown that wearing a sock made from the stuff does decrease healing time. This makes it perfect for those trying to build up a little more muscle, as it decreases downtime between work outs.

On the inside is a nice blend of common materials, with a very special top layer. The 6.5" support foam is fine, followed by 2.5" of rapid response memory foam, which hugs nearly as well as the vanilla stuff, but moves with your bodies contours far more quickly. At the top is 1" of graphite gel infused memory foam. It makes the Bear Mattress one of the best mattresses for cooling, second only to the Layla, All this adds up to a sublime experience. You can find it on their site, but their Black Friday deal is the weakest so far, with only $50 off, making the queen $800.

Read the full review here.

The OSO Mattress Black Friday 2017

Moving on we have the OSO mattress, one that takes the conventions and throws them out.It stood out to me back in the day, and the feel of the bed was very comfortable, assuming you do not suffer from overheating. If you frequently wake up with the sweats there are better options this Black Friday, but if you suffer from back ache then this might be the perfect option for you.

This bed is unique, with a half layer of latex springs at the head of the bed, leading to an interesting experience, especially if you are used to memory foam based beds. The topper material is still unknown to me, so I cannot comment on the actual quality, but it felt fairly good, smooth and durable. Looks great too, in a business plagued by boring mattress designs it's nice that at least one firm spared some thought to the look of the thing.

On the inside we have a build that is reversible, but not end over end, rather you flip it vertically, moving the latex springs to the foot of the bed to create a more firm experience. It wasn't for me, but I can see the benefit to it, especially for those with back pains. At base we have the support foam, coming in at 6", followed by the latex springs on one end, topped with a small 1.5" layer of Revtech foam, more of a transition layer than anything else, and finished with 1.5" of Talalay latex foam. Talalay foam is very similar to rapid response memory foam, but with better cooling. Another low end deal here though, but that might change closer to the day, with a simple $50 off, making the Queen $875.

Check out the full review here.

The Layla Mattress Black Friday 2017

Ah, the Layla Mattress. There is literally no other mattress on the market that can match these guys for cool. They have made sure that every aspect of the mattress is tuned for optimum cooling, and it makes them one of my favorites on the market. Another late one for me, first reviewed back in Mid 2016, but it left a hell of an impression on me.

The topper material is a little difficult to determine. I asked them at the time what it was made of and they would not tell me, so trade secret maybe? Regardless it felt great, and the use of thermogel infused into the material was a stroke of genius. There are only three or so companies that do this, and if provides the fastest temperature control, faster response time than the thermogel memory foams that are popular right now. It looks great too, not quite as nice as the OSO, but an eye catching design.

On the inside the attention to detail continues. It is an actual reversible build for one, meaning end of end this time, giving us two different firmness levels. I prefer the softer side, but back pains etc. The top layer in this case is 3" of copper infused memory foam, nicely offsetting the natural heat retention of memory foam, while still providing all the comfort that we have come to expect from the material. This is followed by 6" of shaped base foam, aiming for a Leesa feel, the convoluted shape creates even more cooling, while providing a level of comfort absent from most support foams. This is one with another $50 discount, making the Queen $849.

Check out the full review here.

The Yogabed Mattress Black Friday 2017

Another mattress that greatly impressed me, reviewed around the same time as the Layla. the Yogabed tries to be all things to all people, and it succeeds to a greater or lesser degree. The material combination is impressive, and the feel of the bed is up there with the best on the market, but the real boon here is the base price, which is a little less than the others, and their Black Friday Discount, which is one of the best right now.

Jeez, seems to be a theme today that the mattresses I really liked back then did not want to tell me that combination of materials the top layer is made from. A shame, as I like to look at the chemistry involved with the manufactory, but still. The Yogabed topper is nothing special, a simple blend that manages, comfort, durability and porousness. Even if two tone gray was a bit of a boring aesthetic choice.

On the inside is an impressive four layer construction. At the base is a unique 1" layer of extra dense support foam, followed by 6.5" of dense, but porous, support foam. Being porous helps with the heat dissipation for the following layer, 1.75" of Yogagel memory foam. Really, it's regular thermogel, but it is a nice touch, the branding I mean. Thermogel infused memory foam might not be the best solution to heat retention anymore, but it is still great. The top layer is 0.75" of YogaFoam, a kind of rapid response memory foam, feel great, and it aligns with your body just as fast as you might expect. Yogabed are offering a $150 discount for Black Friday, making the Queen $799.

Check out the full review here.

The Novosbed Mattress Black Friday 2017

When it came to options there is nothing on the market that can match the Novosbed. They offer a fully comprehensive sleeping experience, and their aftersale support is above and beyond, even in a business that has great customer support in general. Shocking. If you are in the market for a new mattress, and you have no idea what your needs are, then the Novosbed will have you covered no matter what, though it does mean you will have to spend a bit more, as this is the most expensive build that I recommend.

The topper material here is actually two distinct materials. A porous and extra soft layer at the very top, with a supremely durable material used at the stress points on the mattress. It's such a clever idea, and it makes me wonder why other firms haven't adopted it. It's also machine washable, with a handy zipper making removal easy. Of course, being able to unzip the mattress is very important to Novosbed in general, but more on that later.

The inside depends on the firmness you intend to buy. I tried out the soft variant back in the day, but I will talk about the make up of the firmer version first. At base for both is 7" of support foam, followed by two layers of hyper dense aerated memory foam, with the firmest option having slightly less on the top. The aeration leads to less heat pocketing in the memory foam, while the dual layers allow you to experience a full comfort experience. Clever design that.

The soft is a step up in general though, if pure decadent comfort is more your thing. At base is 6" of support foam, followed by 3" of old school memory foam, the cream of the comfort crop, topped with a nice aerated gel infused memory foam layer, offsetting the heat retention nicely. As if all that wasn't good enough, if you are dissatisfied with the mattress Novosbed have a perk called the Comfort+ system, just call them up and they will send out a few more layers, allowing you to dial in the firmness level to your own personal perfection. The $100 Black Friday discount brings the price down to a respectable $999.

Check out the full review here.

The Leesa Mattress Black Friday 2017

Ah the Leesa. This was the first mattress in the low cost price point that I got to check out, and I feel in love with the thing. A simple design that offers great all rounder support. No matter what you need the Leesa will have you covered, and at a very competitive price, though it must be brought up that they have upped the price in the two years since I last used one.

On the top we have a Lycra blend. A very durable material, even if it isn't the most luxurious option they could have went with. Considering the price is what it is then it is not much of a surprise they skimped a little here. Looks nice, but it suffers from the same endless shades of gray that the Yogabed does. You're going to put a nice sheet on it anyway.

On the inside is what can only be called the quintessential direct to consumer mattress, with a simple twist that gives the Leesa far more longevity than the many imitators that cropped up post its release. A three tier system, the standard 6" of support foam, followed by 2" of standard memory foam, and while that feels great I still call it a risky move, considering that the rest of the mattress has little in the way of heat dissipation, but that final layer, made from 2" of Latex foam is the clincher. it is shaped foam, allowing more heat to vent off. Latex foam is a little less huggy that memory foam, but it moves faster, compensating for the issues with memory foam nicely. Overall a nice all rounder option, capable of being all things to all folk. The Black Friday discount is sitting at 4100 right now, but I expect it to go up as we get closer to the day. The Queen right now is $840.

Check out the full review here.

Mattress Deals Black Friday Shipping and Warranty

I mentioned the excellent customer support options in the mattress industry earlier in the review, and if I had talked about each company one at a time this article would have been worth a lot more money to me, but best I think to lump them all here instead. By and large every firm offers between 90 and 120 days to try out the mattress, offering a full refund if you are not satisfied. be sure if you do buy to at least wait 20 days, takes about a month to really acclimate to a new mattress. Novosbed have an additional step during this point, but I talked about the Comfort+ system already. The warranties run between 15 and 20 years, and all of them cover visible sag within that period, mattress should remain pliant for at least 20 years so know the details and you'll be fine. Finally, all of these mattresses come with free shipping, so a nice saving there.

Black Friday is getting closer, but there is still time for all of these firms to up the discount a little on the big day, so be sure to shop around, check out the full review of each mattress for more information, and happy shopping folks.

Barry W Stanton
Irish born writer who drinks too much caffeine and reads too much Terry Pratchett. I enjoy long walks on the server and Korean cuisine.


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