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Best Deals on Toys During Cyber Monday

When it comes to the great sales on online shopping on Cyber Monday—the online shopping holiday that directly follows Thanksgiving—most people think about sales on electronics like televisions, laptops, tablets, phones, printers, and the like. However, there are also great deals to be had on a range of other items, and that includes on children’s toys.

It’s lucky that that is the case, because many of us are looking for gift ideas for our own children—or the children of people in our lives—this Christmas. This can often be a difficult task, navigating the different brands and styles of toys, wondering what would appeal to a kid. This decision is naturally made a lot easier by the presence of extremely good sales, which also have the benefit of giving an indication as to which toys are and are not popular in 2017. With that said, we hope that you’ll get some use out of this list of some of the absolute best sales on toys for kids for Cyber Monday 2017.

Best Deals on Toys for Cyber Monday 2017

Amazon: Melissa & Doug Toy Shopping Cart With Sturdy Metal Frame for $36.99

This is the kind of toy that it’s pretty easy for anyone to appreciate. This Melissa and Doug shopping cart is a toy, but it’s made out of study metal and is a nice big size, so the kid you buy it for will be able to have fun lugging their other toys and items all around. Given the flimsy or frivolous nature of a lot of kid’s toys these days, it’s nice to buy something that is both well made and serves a purpose. What’s great is that this toy shopping cart is on sale for nearly a third off, off of an original list price of over fifty dollars. Another bonus is that, as you’ll be buying this through Amazon, you can be sure that it will be delivered quickly and without any hassles, and you can always send it back if it is defective or not working properly.

Walmart: Paw Patrol – Jumbo 24” Plush Marshall for $9.99

One type of kids toy that we can all appreciate is the jumbo plush, as I’m sure almost everyone can remember that feeling of being a child and having a giant animal time that you can horse around with and squeeze for comfort when you’re feeling down. This Paw Patrol-branded jumbo plush toy is on sale for well over half off from Walmart, off an original sales price of around $25. They offer two day shipping, which is pretty good, but if you want the shipping to be free, you’ll have to add this toy to an order of over $35 in order to qualify for free shipping. One other pretty good option is to order this toy online with the option to have it set aside for pickup from the store closest to you. This way, you’ve avoid any possibly inconveniences of shipping, while also not having to navigate the isles and crowds of a Walmart store during the holiday shopping season. The best of both worlds!

Toys R Us: LEGO Creator Lighthouse Point $35.99

Toys R Us is a classic store that many of us remember from our childhoods, although they have been going through some tough financial times lately, likely because many toy retailers have moved online and there isn’t much use for large retail toy stores in 2017, save for the kind of small, boutique toy stores that sell rare or unusual items. That may be what is driving their unusually good toy sales for Cyber Monday, including this LEGO Creator Lighthouse set, which is designated for children between the ages of 8 and 12, and comes with over 500 pieces. As anyone with kids knows, LEGO is surprisingly expensive. As such, in a case like this where you can save $24 off of an original list price of $60 on a simple LEGO set, you should take it and make some kid in your life very happy.

Walmart: Personalized 80 Piece Youth Art Set for $18.00

It’s cynical to say so, gifts for children can often feel like a kind of black hole situation, where you buy them new things knowing that within a few weeks or even a few days, they’ll be forgotten about in favour of newer, more exciting toys. A good way to combat this is to get kids something that helps them engage themselves artistically, so that they can learn a skill while also having fun and passing the time. This art set from Walmart comes in a nice laser engraved wooden case, and it has a range of different art supplies for kids to experiment with. A great thing about an art set like this is that it’s fun for tiny kids and older kids alike, so if it’s a combination gift for multiple kids, they’ll all be pretty happy.

Walmart: Nerf N-Strike Elite AccuStrike RaptorStrike – Value Pack for $30.88

It truly seems as though, for Cyber Monday 2017, the place that is offering the best savings across the board is Walmart. For the final toy on this list, we found this great deal on an all time classic: Nerf guns. This value pack has a nice Nerf gun as well as a bunch of targets, which makes it a great pick for an only child or a kid without other kids in their immediate age range, as it will be fun for them to practice their marksmanship even if they don’t have other kids to shoot those iconic little foam things at.


At times it can be difficult to know what kind of toys to buy for kids, as it’s easy to fall out of touch with what is popular or cool for the youth, and it can be hard to imagine what playing with certain toys is actually like without testing them out. That is why buying toys online is a great idea in 2017, as most sites have detailed ratings and reviews where other parents will leave feedback to let you know what their own kids though of each toy. More than with other products, the ratings system is an invaluable part of making sure that you get a durable and fun toy for which ever kid you’re shopping for on Cyber Monday.

Buying toys in retail stores is often a pretty annoying experience, with the dizzying colours and options in every isle, the bulky packaging to carry around, not to mention the screaming kids testing out the toys everywhere you look. As such, though most people associate Cyber Monday sales with deals on serious electronics like televisions, consoles, and more, Cyber Monday 2017 is a great time to get your Christmas shopping done, saving big on toys and other items for kids that will make them happy this December 25th. Happy shopping, folks!

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