Best GPS Deals for Cyber Monday 2017

Now that Black Friday is in the rearview mirror, it’s time to look towards Cyber Monday to get a sense of what the best deals on the web are going to be for 2018. When it comes to buying the latest in technological products, you’re actually probably better off browsing the web than heading to brick and mortar stores, as you’ll avoid the crowds and sales pressure, and have the ability to find the absolute best deal on what you’re looking for without leaving the comfort of your home. Cyber Monday is a term that has been floating around since around 2005, when brands began focusing their efforts on drawing customers to their web stores just as much as their physical retail locations. One item that we’ve been seeing some great deals on for Cyber Monday 2017 is GPS devices. There are such a range of types of GPS product that it can be overwhelming to try to determine what device best suits your needs and provides the best value.

There are, of course, a range of types of GPS devices, from navigation devices for cars and bikes, to fishing-based GPS devices, to GPS technology that is paired up with other items, such as smart watches. If you’re looking to pick up a new GPS device for Cyber Monday 2017, there are plenty of places to begin your search, including the standard sites like Amazon, eBay, and Best Buy, but also some lesser known sites that are attempting to bring increased traffic and attention to their brands by offering prices that are hard to believe. Hopefully this list will be helpful as you navigate the different companies and sites that are offering special prices to their customers on Cyber Monday this year.

GPS Deals for Cyber Monday 2017

Amazon: Huawei Watch 2 – Carbon Black – Android Wear 2.0 for $179.00

If you’re looking for a smart watch with GPS this Cyber Monday but you’re not interested in paying the inflated prices that Apple Watches go for, you’d be wise to go for this Huawei watch, which you can pair with your Android phone, using the GPS to track your workouts and movements. It usually retails for $299.99, meaning that on Cyber Monday you’ll be saving $120, for a savings of 40%, which is a great deal. Pairing this watch with your Android phone will truly give you great functionality without having to bring your phone places, as you’ll be able to listen to music from it, make payments from it, and have a kind of personal assistant from your wrist when you’re on the go. Also, it comes with free shipping.

You can take advantage of the discounted price by clicking here.

Newegg:Garmin nuvi 2589LMT 5” GPS Navigation System for $99.00

Newegg has long been known as a website that offers great sales on things like computers, computer parts, and other technology. It is no surprise, then, that they are leading the way when it comes to great deals on GPS devices for Cyber Monday. Here they have a Garmin GPS navigation which usually retails for $229 on sale for only $99, which is a savings of nearly sixty percent, as well as free shipping. Garmin is a reliable name when it comes to GPS devices for your car, and this particular model offers free lifetime updates on maps across North America, so your device will never really be out of date as long as you own it. It has voice-controlled navigation too, so you can keep your hands free while you find your way around. In terms of car-based GPS navigation devices, you would be hard pressed to find a better Cyber Monday deal than on this Garmin.

Light in the Box: Viofo A119S V2 GPS 2.0 HD Capacitor with GPS NOVATEK 96663 Chip IMX291 Lens Car Dash Crash Car DVR for $146.41

I had not heard of the site Light in the Box before doing my research for the best deals on Cyber Monday, but they have some great deals and are worth a look if you’re in the market for GPS devices this year. Here we have a dash cam and GPS logger that usually retails for $240, meaning that this deal includes savings of around a hundred dollars, or around 40% off. This product also has a perfect five star rating average on fifteen reviews, meaning that the other customers who have cashed in on this deal so far have been fully satisfied. This sleek, minimal dash cam has a high quality lens and works well in low light and under less than ideal circumstances, shooting in full 1080p at 60 frames per second. It is small and inconspicuous, which is important if you don’t wish for people to realize that you’re riding with a dash cam. With all of the craziness on the roads out there these days, you can never be too careful, and so if you’re looking for a dash cam that has a GPS logger, this is a great way to save around a hundred dollars on your purchase this Cyber Monday.

eBay: DJI Spark Alpine White Quadcopter Drone for $399.99

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are a number of different types of devices that make use of GPS functionality, and a big one this Cyber Monday is drones, which are one of the most searched for products in 2017. This quadcopter drone is ready to fly, easy to use, and offers a high-quality HD camera, so you can pull of some truly amazing photographs and videos that would have been unthinkable outside of a professional context only a few years ago. Best of all, it has savings of 38% off of an original list price of $649.99, meaning that you can save $250 on this drone. And, even better, it includes a $50 eBay gift card if you buy it over Cyber Monday, meaning that you can pick up an accessory, or even a Christmas gift for someone using your free money. This drone has perfect ratings, and the seller has sold over a thousand of them, including three in the past hour at time of writing, meaning that there are probably going to be a whole lot of people opening drones as their Christmas presents this year.

Costco: Apple Watch Series 3 GPS with Gray Sport Band for $289.99

This is a great deal on an Apple Watch with GPS and a free gray sport band thrown in, but it’s slightly limited compared to the other deals on GPS devices on this list, as you’ve got to have a Costco membership to qualify for this deal. However it seems as though most people probably at least know someone who has a Costco membership, and so if you ask them to provide their card number for you, you could get access to this deal without very much hassle. This deal stands out because it is usually so hard to get new Apple products at a special price, because they are reluctant to offer sales on their new items on their website. How this sale works is that they’ll offer you a $25 Costco gift card that you can apply to your purchase on the Costco website, and they also provide free shipping.

eBay: Escort Passport S75 Radar Detector w/ BSM Filter & GPS w/ Auto Lock for $209.99

If you’re looking for a radar detector that has built-in GPS this Cyber Monday, there’s a great sale on eBay right now for this Escort Passport S75 model, which has perfect buyer satisfaction and hundreds sold by this seller. This model boasts auto-learn technology, a high resolution display, and a database of security cameras. They advertise that they have the best production on all possible bands, and that because of their multiple high-performance lasers, they offer the earliest possible and fastest warnings if there is radar being used in the area. It also has a “mark location” feature, which allows for you to drop pins in whatever area you want, and you’ll be notified when you’re near these areas. This radar detector usually goes for $329.95, which means you can save around $120 by picking one up on Cyber Monday 2017, not to mention the additionally money you’ll probably save by having a tool to protect yourself from radar, cameras, and other concerns when you’re on the road.


There’s no doubt that Cyber Monday is one of the absolute best times of the year to take advantage of sales online to stock up on the latest technology. It’s especially a good opportunity to pick up Christmas gifts for your loved ones that you may otherwise have been unable to afford. Hopefully this list has been helpful in providing a database for you of some of the best deals on GPS-based items that you can save hundreds of dollars on for Cyber Monday 2017. Whether it’s in-car navigation devices, drones, radar detection, or smart watches, this is a good start but only scratches the surface when it comes to the plethora of GPS devices that are drastically marked-down this Cyber Monday. Happy shopping, everyone!