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Best Gun Deals for Cyber Monday 2017

You’d think that most of the cyber Monday deals would be on tech like phones, GPS, or God help us all, Fidget Spinners. There are plenty of all the above from a great deal of websites, but there’s also some great deals for those whose idea of a good time is mucking out at 4am, rifle slinged on their back and the majesty of nature before them. There are also some fantastic deals for those that want to gift themselves some security and peace of mind this holiday season. Here, we take a look at the top Cyber Monday deals for guns, ammo and gun accessories.
Check out some of the best deals at Amazon Below

Amazon Cyber Monday Gun Deals

I for one would never expect Amazon to sell much of anything gun related; and in terms of actual firearms, that’s a solid expectation. That being said, this massive site has some pretty great deals for some accessories you can add to your firearm to make it more useful, or to give it some flair.

GrovTec GTAC83 Buttstock Cartridge Holder, Black

If your state is anything like mine, it has some pretty strict limits on how many rounds you can have in a hunting firearm at any time, and may even restrict loading your rifle in the field to a great extent. If this is the case, then picking up a buttstock cartridge holder may be a great choice, as it allows you to obey the law, and still nab the buck. This holder from Grovtech is simple, durable and effective, holding up to 6 rounds of thirty caliber ammo, and made of a mix of cordura and nylon making it weather resistant while still ensuring a snug grip to the rifle. For Cyber Monday, the price of this rifle accessory is $8.20 , down from $11.77.

Fyland Brass Catcher for AR-15

If you’re used to hunting or going to an outdoor range using an AR platform rifle, you know how much of a pain it can be to collect the brass. In fact, I’m sure most of us have been tempted to just leave it, but being the responsible gun owners we are, we instead go on a second hunt to find the spent rounds so we can either recycle them or use them for handloading later. With the Fyland Brass Catcher, this no longer becomes such an issue. Designed to securely attach to any AR platform rifle, this nylon mesh bag can ensure that you won’t be chasing down brass, or burning your hand on the bag. It is originally designed to collect .223 ammo, but most other calibers are supported to a reasonable degree (sorry .50 Beowulf fans). At $6.84 this is a killer deal, but keep in mind it’s an Amazon Add-On item, meaning you can’t ship it alone. For this reason, pairing it with the following item may be a great idea.

CVLIFE 6-9 Inches Tactical Rifle Bipod

Bipods are pretty great if you want a steady shot at distance. But you know what’s better than a bipod? One that’s 78% off. The CVLIFE Tactical Rifle Bipod has all the features you’d expect including being made of hardened steel and aluminum, 5 different leg adjustment sizes, easy attachment and foldable legs with return springs, all for just a few cents over $15.

Benjamin BPBD3S Bulldog .357 PCP Hunting Rifle

Do you remember how I said Amazon doesn’t sell firearms? Well, that’s technically true. But, they do sell airguns that just happen to push out rounds at similar velocities as their more “boomy” counterparts, and can take out prey at distance. Chambered for .357, the Bulldog is a bullpup designed air rifle that can fire 10 rounds per charge (pressurized air is needed, as each “magazine” requires over 3,000psi of air pressure), and looks to be made of 75% Picatinny rail. Incredibly quiet, this rifle can fling .357 rounds at around 800fps, which is more than enough to be a killshot even against feral hog. It’s highly recommended to get a decent optic for this rifle, and since you’re saving around $310 off normal price at $691, you could probably afford one. Most reviewers note that they can maintain great accurate over 100 yards, which is all the more reason to drop $100 or so on a decent scope for this air rifle turned hunting rifle.

Lyman Case Prep Xpress (115-volt)

Hunters, target shooters and people who take a lot of pride in bringing some DIY Bang often need great equipment to reload rounds to exacting specifications which often requires somewhat expensive equipment. One such piece of equipment is one that can clean, deburr and make the primer pockets uniform for spent brass. Usually around $175, the Lyman Case Prep Xpress is on sale for $95, and includes 5 key features to make every round you produce one of a higher caliber.

Cabela’s Cyber Monday Deals

Being the huge outdoor and gun retailer it is, Cabela’s was sure to have a few great offers on deck for Cyber Monday 2017. Let’s take a look at them.

Winchester Super X 500 Round .22 LR Ammunition

What’s a gun without ammo? Basically useless unless it’s one of the old school ones with a decent wood stock. Cabela’s helps take care of your .22lr needs with 500 rounds in a nice wooden box for the low price of $32, down from $40.

Nikon 3-9×40 BDC Riflescope

Nikon has long been a name in the rifle scope field, and has provided fairly consistent, decent products at incredibly low prices. Such is the case again with this scope coming in at $100, an $80 savings.

Remington Military Training 9mm Ammo

A standard training, home defense and deployment caliber, the 9mm luger has been a mainstay of pistols for decades. Remington now offers their 115gr Full Metal Jacket ammunition for for $15 for 50 rounds, but $9.50 instead. Pick up a box or two to get a decent grasp on how to handle your 9mm properly.

Thomson/ Center Compass Bolt-Action Rifle

Are you just getting into hunting or need a new bolt action rifle for cheap? Well, then the T/C Compass may be a good choice. Made with similar specifications to the Ruger American or Savage Axis in many respects, this lightweight rifle offers a fully synthetic, ergonomic stock, and either a 22 inch or 24 inch barrel depending on caliber selected. Other shared characteristics include a 4 or 5 round magazine, a 13.25 inch length of pull, and anywhere from a 1:8 to 1:12 twist rate. Coming in at around 7.25 pounds, it’s a decently light rifle for the calibers offered, which are listed here:
.308 Winchester, .300 Winchester Magnum, .30-06 Springfield, .243 Winchester, .270 Winchester, .22-250 Remington, and 6.5 Creedmoor. The price of this rifle is $275, down from the usual $350.

Cabela’s Classic 48 Fatboy Jr.

Every gun owner needs a safe, and some of us need way bigger ones than others. Cabela’s is offering an excellent larger safe which can hold 48 guns for $1100, a $450 savings, which features an incredibly dense door, keypad based locking system, and has locking bolts over a foot thick. The Fatboy Jr. can withstand fire damage for up to an hour, and has a lifetime guarantee. Cyber Monday Sale

Even Esilencers has gotten into the Cyber Monday action. Keep in mind purchases from this site require an FFL transfer and are subject to local laws and ATF stamping.

SilencerCO Maxim 9

The first ever integrally suppressed pistol that can easily be holstered, the Maxim 9 has both size and quality in mind. Weighing in at just over 2 pounds, and having dimensions of 10.75×1.58×5.41, it may not be EDC for most people, but it can be a truck gun, range gun, or home defense if you worry about your family’s hearing during a home invasion. Keep in mind for best results, use subsonic ammo, and double tap as needed.

Silencer Osprey 45

You know what’s better than an FNX-45 in your hand? One with an Osprey and some subsonic ammo. One of the best suppressors, period, this one can handle more than just .45ACP firearms, but also 9mm, .40S&W, and even .300 Blackout subsonic rounds to make them tolerable. Great quality at a great price, right now the Osprey 45 is for sale for $610 from the original $700. Cyber Monday deals

Optics planet, as the name implies, primarily sells hunting, military, and sports optics. However what caught my attention most was the gun stock deals. If you are in the market for say, laser optics, use the code BFLS14 to save 14% on such sights.

Magpul Industries X-22 Backpacker Stocks

As mentioned in the Black Friday guns article, the Ruger 10/22 is about as versatile and customizable as it gets, especially given its cheap price. Magpul proves the point further by offering an ergonomic take-down stock set up that’s lightweight and made of an advanced polymer. Prices range from $82 to $85, with an average savings of about $30.

Throwflame Cyber Monday Deals

You know, when I started writing this article, I thought nothing would shock me. Turns out I was wrong. If your definition of home defense is against invasive vines or zombies, then keep reading. Otherwise, we have more offers just below this section.

X15 Flamethrower

Yes, you read that right and I wrote it right. Flamethrowers. Do you want one? They’re 20% off with the code BF17 until just past Black Friday. The original price varies from $1,600 to $1,750 depending on exact configuration, so savings can be extensive. No FFL is required to purchase, so let freedom ring this holiday season. Cyber Monday Deals

One of the most extensive online retailers for all things that go boom, ImpactGuns has some major sales going on from Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Let’s take a look at some of the best deals they have to offer.

Ruger LCP .380 ACP 2.75 inch Barrel

If you’re in the market for an easily concealed carry pistol, the Ruger LCP in .380 ACP is a great choice. Designed to prevent snagging, this tiny 9.4 ounce pistol can carry 7 rounds of .380 for self defense purposes either in public or around the house. The magazine features a grip extension for larger hands, and the sights are made integral to the slide to ensure that you can still line up a shot without fumbling around. Keep in mind this pistol is Double Action Only, and is on sale from $230 down to $190.

Remington 100th Anniversary of WWI Commerative 1911

Nothing has been more iconic in terms of military pistols than the 1911. Sticking around the military for over 100 years, this model seeks to replicate the original in look and feel, and comes with a glass-top presentation case which also includes a replica carry holster and 2 standard magazines. As is standard, this pistol has a 7+1 capacity, wooden grips, and comes in the one, the only, .45 ACP. This set is on sale for $1,800, a $400 savings.

Remington 870 Express HD Pump 12 Ga

useful for both hunting and defense, the Remington 870 is an excellent all-purpose shotgun that has been around for around 50 years. As reliable as it gets, this shotgun is in the tactical configuration, with an 18.5 inch barrel, 6+1 capacity and a weight of 7.5 pounds. With the cost of Shotgun Ammo always being pretty affordable, this is a great budget gun, with the sale price of $328 down from $365.

DPMS Sportixal AR15

What would a cyber Monday gun ad list be without an AR15 or two? For this one, DPMS has gone back to basics with a simple AR .223 configuration, lightweight barrel, 6 position collapsible stock and a flat top. Sometimes you just can’t beat simple, and for $450 for a complete rifle, as opposed to $520, it’s especially hard to beat this one.

Windham Weaponry 3 Gun AR-15

There’s something special about competition AR’s. Namely, they are super light and tend to show trends for the future. This Windham model is no different coming in at 6.3 pounds, this featherweight also features a 16” chrome lined barrel with a 1 in 7 twist. The forend features the new Keymod format which is competing to be the best accessory rail style in the AR world right now, and features a CMC trigger, though it currently ships with no sights, so looking into optics is a whole new task, especially if you want to take advantage of this masterwork of a gun. The current price is $1,210, down from $1,346.

CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1 Pistol

A massive departure from the first batch of Scorpion pistols, the CZ Scorpion Evo Pistol is a blockback operated 9mm with a 7 and 3/4ths inch barrel which is now threaded. Completely ambidextrous, this weapon is all about adapting to the shooter, and can have the charging handle swapped on to either side, as well as the trigger adjusted for the most comfortable shooting you can find for a 9mm. Keep in mind that while the ATF has more or less ruled that you can shoulder a pistol brace (I still wouldn’t recommend it), putting a stock on this weapon does make it a SBR, which then makes it subject to stamping and extra taxation. The picatinny rail allows for the attachment of a wide range of accessories and optics to make this Scorpion sting just as deadly as you want it.

Yugoslavian SKS in Good or Excellent Condition

Rifle is fine, comrade. One of my personal favorite rifles, the Simonov Carbine, is for sale for $100 at $500. Chambered in 7.62x39mm, this rifle makes an excellent hunting rifle for plenty of game, and also makes a sufficient home defense rifle. Made with a 10 round magazine (though aftermarkets can allow you to change anything, known in certain circles as making the gun “Bubba’d”), this rifle also features a sturdy wood construction and easy care once you remove the Cosmoline. Arguably better than a Mosin Nagant, and depending on where you are buying, potentially cheaper this black Friday, buying this would make Red Santa proud.

Savage Model 11 Scout in .308 Winchester

A long sought after rifle type, the Scout emphasizes a battle rifle caliber, with the length of a carbine and being light enough to carry for extreme distances without becoming overburdened. The Model 11 comes close to what was wished for by good old Jeff Cooper, with a solid bolt action, 10+1 capacity with a detachable magazine, and an accutrigger all coming standard with the optics rail and iron sights as well. At $630, down from $653, this rifle may well be worth the investment.

This has been our wrap up of Cyber Monday gun deals. Depending on what you want to order, there are plenty of websites available to fit your needs. Personally, the ImpactGuns Deals and the Esilencer deals seemed the most extensive and reasonable, though Amazon did certainly have some Cyber Monday bargains. Did we miss a massive deal? If so, please do let us know in the comments below, so that other shoppers can get in on the Cyber Monday Savings for 2018!

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