Best Hunting Gear Deals on Black Friday 2017

For many, the holiday season is one to hang out inside with a warm fire, family, and maybe some hot cocoa. But for a select few, it’s time to handload some ammunition, restring some bows, or just in general get ready for winter hunting season to feed their families. Here, we’re going to take a look at some of the best hunting equipment deals for Black Friday 2017 to make sure you have everything you need to get a holiday turkey on the table, or keep your hunter happy.
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Black Friday Amazon Hunting Gear Deals

Amazon may not seem the ideal place for hunting gear. However, some key items you need to stay sharp in the field can be bought at great prices if you know what to look for. Let’s take a look.

N-Ferno 6823 Wind-Resistant Hinged Balaclava, Camo

Nothing is worse than being out in the woods by 4am, with your face basically numbed only to have a sharp breeze make you focus less on stalking your prey and more on how you lost the feeling in your face. So, investing in a balaclava, preferably one giving you some extra camouflage without inhibiting your own ability to see, is a great idea. This particular garmet provides wind-proof fabric paneling, and plenty of fabric to cover the face, head, and neck, and a hood that can be folded down with ease. It’s a universal one size fits all, and is currently on sale for $17.47, down from the usual $26 tag.

Hunting Game Camera Wildlife Surveillance Trail Camera

If you’re keen on doing a good deal of observation of your favorite spot before going hunting, then a “tree-cam” may be just the ticket. This particular model has a 16 MP camera and can capture IR footage from 65 feet out. This camera can also take images in a 120 degree wide angle to ensure that you don’t miss that deer sneaking around. The IP56 Case is fully waterproof and very sturdy, able to withstand even the coldest and toughest winter nights. In terms of video, it can record anywhere from 3 second to 10 minute segments in up to 1080p quality, which should be more than enough for most hunters. As of right now, this camera is on sale from $100 down to $90.

Cabela’s Black Friday Hunting Equipment Deals

When people think hunting equipment, people also often think Cabela’s. With how great some of these sales are, we can see why.

Vortex Viper Long Range Scope

Vortex is fairly well known as a mid-range quality, excellent long range hunting scope. Made from a single piece aluminum 30mm tube, this scope also features extra-low dispersion XD glass which allows for unmatched color quality and clarity. Lenses are coated in a proprietary solution that aids in low light shooting conditions. Overall zoom is around 4x, and as an added bonus, scope mounting and bore sighting is done for free at any Cabela’s when you bring in your rifle. The current Black Friday price for this scope is $350, a savings of around $200.

Muck Fieldblazer Rubber Boots

Depending on what you’re hunting and where, and if you’re also into fishing, a good pair of rubber boots can be awesome to prevent that always unpleasant feeling of soaked feet. This brand is very well reviewed, totally waterproof, with breathable airmesh and stretch-fit uppers to make sure any warmth you do have doesn’t escape easily. At time of writing, only sizes 5-13 US are available, and current price is $90 as opposed to the normal $130.

Vortex Razor HD 20-60×85 Spotting Scope

While not always needed for a hunt, a buddy and a spotting scope can lead to greater shots and plenty of food for two houses. This spotting scope is one of the prides of Vortex, with high definition optical glass, waterproof, and fog proof. It also features ArmorTek coatings which can protect the lens from scratching, fingerprints, and dirt to keep clear, crisp images. There’s both coarse and fine adjustments available for the lens, and features a magnesium alloy body that’s wholly purged with inert Argon gas. If you’re expecting a long range hunt, this is an excellent choice of a spotting scope at $1,000 instead of the normal $1,600 price.

SIG Sauer KILO2200LRH Rangefinder

A humane hunter knows their capabilities, their weapon’s capabilities, and their hunting grounds well. However, sometimes it can be hard to judge exactly how far out a target is and how to adjust your shot to make sure you can make a proper kill. That’s where a high quality rangefinder comes in, namely the Sig Sauer KILO2200LRH. This particular model can reach out to two miles and can give up to four range updates per second (though this distance should be more reserved for mapping than any other purpose). This model features an advanced OLED display and a RangeLock feature where you can save the last measurement. For practical purposes, this rangefinder can spot a deer at about 1,300 years. This tool also carries a lifetime warranty, and is a Cabela’s exclusive. The sale price of the Sig Sauer Rangefinder is $350, a $150 savings.

Sportsmans Guide Black Friday Deals

Being a member of this store has its perks, namely in savings around the holidays. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the best deals available and list the non-member pricing (in general, subtract 10% for the member pricing).

Barronett Super Tough Big Mike Hunting Blind

Blind hunting is one of the most comfortable and popular ways to hunt if you’re in a target rich environment. These tents provide plenty of view of your environment while keeping you camouflaged and out of the toughest elements of the day. This particular model features very stocky poles to ensure no blow-over, shoot-through mesh windows, and is 80 inches tall, which is great for tall shooters. Overall, the footprint of this tent is 59 x 59 inches. This blind also includes brush comparments to add some of the local nature to mask your location all the better. The current price of this blind is $160 instead of $240.

SA Sports Empire Beowulf 360 FPS Crossbow

For some, a rifle or compound bow can’t quite match the feel and effectiveness of a crossbow. For them, this 175 pound draw weight, 3.5 pound trigger pull crossbow with a 4×32 scope can be found for $300, a savings of around $60. Additional features include a Claw quick detach quiver, an anti dry-fire trigger, and a rope cocking device with hex keys for fine adjustments.

This wraps up our examination of some of the best bargains for Black Friday 2017 when it comes to hunting gear, equipment, and even a crossbow. Have we missed something you couldn’t pass up because it was such a good deal? If so, please be sure to mention it in the comments below!