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Best Make-Up Deals for Black Friday 2017

One of the most popular gifts of the holiday season is make up. We all know at least one person who loves certain products or brands, but can’t bring themselves to splurge and buy some of these items for themselves. So why not be the holiday hero this year and get them something they’ll love and use all year long? And better yet, why not do it during a Black Friday Bargain? Let’s take a look at some of the best deals around.
Check out some of the best deals at Amazon Below

Amazon Make Up Black Friday Deals

Amazon is the hub of shopping all year long. While not specialized specifically in make-up, this site offers a good selection of make-up at pretty great prices. Some of the top picks are below.

USpicy Professional 10 piece Makeup Brush set With Seashell Shaped Leather Case

Make-up is usually only as good as its applicator. If you (or someone on your holiday wish list) needs to replace some brushes or upgrade to a better set, this is a great choice. Featuring Synthetic Fibers for a more even application of cosmetics of all sorts, these soft brushes are sure to win the hearts of who it’s given to. Currently, the price is only $11.89, down from $17. Colors available are Black and Pink.

La Roche-Posay Respectissime Face and Eye Makeup Remover, 4.2 Fl. Oz.

As important as the quality of makeup you have, the quality of the makeup remover is possibly just as important. This brand is known as a great makeup remover for especially sensitive eyes, and consists of both a water and oil based cleanser that can handle all sorts of makeup and leave your skin clean and fresh. You can gently apply just a small amount of this solution instead of having to fight your own face and use globs after globs to get off what you put on in the morning. Currently, this remover is on sale from $20 down to $15.

Sunmore Beauty Makeup Sponge Blender Holder and Drying Rack Stand

Blending sponges sometimes can get a little messy. This little coiled holder can minimize that by allowing for even air drying and a lesser degree of bacterial growth on something that’s bound to touch your face. Currently it is on sale for $4.75 with free shipping to Prime members, a savings of $18.61.

Sephora Black Friday 2018 Deals

One of the biggest names in the cosmetic store game, Sephora can be found in any major mall (including in several JC Penney’s locations) and often have a great deal of very helpful staff who can guide you to what you, or who you’re buying for, needs. Here are some excellent sales on cosmetics this year.

Tarte Precious Picks Color Set

Need a small starter set? Then for $10 instead of $36, you can have a small box of foundation, lipstick and mascara.

Benefit Cosmetics Bestseller Blowout

For $15 instead of $43, this kit offers a small liquid highlighter, a vial of their Big Lash Blowout mascara, and a small Hodla bronzing powder with a mirrored box.

Philosophy Purity Made Simple

As the name implies, this is a simple, high quality facial cleanser made by the company Philosophy. Down from $36, it’s now on sale for $15. Be sure to also check the Philosophy website, as it may be cheaper direct from the producer depending on the sale.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Starter Trio

One of the best shampoo sets around, Living Proof by Perfect Hair Day (commonly shortened to PhD) is a small kit for improving the health and shine of your hair whether straight, curly or wavy. This one is a Sephora exclusive for $10 instead of $13.

Buxom Pout on the Prowl Lip Set

One of the fancier packaged items you can grab, this combo features a polish and lipstick pair for $12 as opposed to $32.

Philosophy Always on the Glow

Hope in a jar seems like a bit of a funny idea, but Philosophy has brought both their recharging overnight and refreshing morning moisturizers by that name together in a small, portable kit. Right now it’s $15, down from $32.

Too Faced White Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette

This one is a product I can personally attest to as a holiday maker. Several years back I purchased the original product from Sephora and between the high color choice, quality of product, and even the slight chocolate scent, it made that Christmas quite memorable. This limited edition version is exclusive to Sephora and is on sale for $49.

Kat Von D Metal Crush Extremem Highlighter Palette

Kat Von D is one of those makeup personalities that is very well respected in the field for making high quality, original products and keeping their ethics about them. Such is the case for the Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter Palette, which features 3 highlighters per box at $36, which is another Sephora exclusive.

Sephora Favorites- Give Me More Lip

Do you know someone who really, really loves lip products? If so, give them some of the best lip products available at the store for $68, a way lower price than the normal $250 value.

Too Faced Boss Lady Beauty Agenda

Does the term Mega Palette make your ears perk up? If so, this product, which carries 24 eyeshadows may be a good idea to pick up. The eyeshadow formula is a little different than the usual Too Faced makeup blends, being a bit more dense and less prone to dusting which is a good thing if you apply without a primer. It’s now on sale for $58 instead of $336.

E.L.F. Black Friday Sale 2017

Are you a fan of E.L.F. (Eyes, Lips and Face) products? If so, head over to their website and enter the code CELEBRATE to save 50% on orders over $30. This deal is available now until cyber Monday, so be sure to check it out and stock up!

Ulta Black Friday Deals

Ulta is a lot like Sephora’s more bright, cleaner cut cousin. With a larger overall selection in most cases and usually a stand alone store, Ulta can be a little easier for people new to make up to drop by and get some great products for even better prices. This is especially true during the Black Friday bargain sales. Here are some of the top products available during the sale.

Urban Decay Nocturnal Shadow Box

A great eyeshadow box for the price, you get 12 unique blends for $14.50, a 50% savings.

Ulta Beauty Collection Gorgeous On The Go

Want a huge starter kit at a tiny price? Then this 96 piece collection, which really is a little bit of everything, is on sale for $15 on a reported $200 value. If you don’t know what they want exactly, why not get them a little bit of everything?

Ulta $15 and under section

Ulta has a wide selection of products under $15 for the Black Friday sale this year, which indluce the following: Pur eyeshadow sets, Too Faced Better than Sex 3 pack masacara set, IT Brush set (usually $80), Holiday Men’s fragrance sampler, Philosophy 3-in-1 Bath Novelty, and Becca Iconics Cheeky Glow Kit.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits

All Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kits are $24, 40% off from the normal $40.

The Body Shop

All The Body Shop products are now 40% off.

In closing, it appears there’s plenty of sales to be had depending on what you want. Be sure to look into each site and see what good deals you can manage before black Friday if possible, and keep an eye out for cyber Monday deals, especially with E.L.F. Did we miss any major sales? Please let us know in the comments below!

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