Black Friday Deals for Nintendo Switch – Best Prices in 2017

This was a harder one than the others I’ve written, had to cross reference a whole host of Black Friday deals just to get the info, but I did it, and now you can have an easy and convenient page full of all the top Black Friday deals in 2017 for Nintendo games, Nintendo consoles and a few extras that all Nintendo fans need. I got my start in gaming with Nintendo, the Snes, to this day one of the finest consoles ever released. There are few games that illicit the kind of glee that that a new Mario or Zelda titles does for me, and the last year or so has bee very kind on that front. From the release of the Switch, and new games from both those superb franchises, it could not be a better time to buy Nintendo.
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So let’s get right to it, I’m sure there is something here that will take your interest.

Best Nintendo Game Deals Black Friday 2017

We are still at the stage were first party Nintendo games are still the best option. It’s changing, and the Switch has attracted a a whole host of developers to the platform. Third party releases are on the rise, and the quality of the games being released are far beyond what I thought they would be when the Switch’s specs were released. The specific items below are all from BestBuy. I looked at BestBuy Canada too, and they have a few other games on sale, but only Skylanders is worth considering.

  • Soldam: Drop, Connect, Erase $14.99: An arcade port of a game first released in 1992. Surprised to see it released. If you are in the mood for an old school puzzle game this will certainly scratch the itch, and the candy colored presentation makes it perfect for younger gamers, worth a buy as a stocking filler at this price.
  • Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure $14.99: I can see who this is for, sort of. It lacks anything approaching Minecraft in terms of gameplay, and when you think about it a storyline is kinda antithetical to Minecraft’s whole shtick. More of an attempt to milk the parents of Minecraft loving kids than anything else. Pass it up.
  • Rayman Legends Definitive Edition $19.99: It’s a little old these days, seen as it was released back in 2013 for the S60 et al, but Rayman Legends is one of the best 2d platform games released in the last twenty years. An absolute joy to play, and the attention to detail is impressive. Excellent art direction and a few good tunes to boot. Totally worth it at this price, suitable for the young and the old.
  • R.B.I. Baseball 2017 $19.99: I’m not much of a Baseball fan, so I never played this one, but a quick search online leads me to believe that it is a little on the bad side. If you are a diehard fan then I am sure there is something here to pique your interest, but best to spend your money on something else if you aren’t.
  • Monopoly for Nintendo Switch $19.99: Monopoly was designed as less a game and more an exercise in frustration. It was supposed to show the evil that is land monopolies, and so lacks anything approaching balance. If you remember enjoying the game as a kid then it is very likely that you were not playing by the rules of the game. Playing it digitally does make it somewhat difficult to flip the table, but that small boon is not enough to make Monopoly fun. Buy German board games, anything that’s won the Spiel des Jahres should be fine,  if you really want to get the family around the table for a good time.
  • LEGO Worlds $19.99: It;s like Minecraft but with Lego. It really is a lot of fun, and is perfect for kids. Huge worlds, procedurally generated, allowing the player to really stretch themselves creatively. I prefer Minecraft, but there is a slightly different focus here, with more detailed environments etc.
  • 1-2-Switch $24.99: I don’t know how I feel about this one. The way it shows off what the Switch can do is impressive, but it feels like a series of really good tech demos than a full game. If you want to get a glimpse at the future of games on the system then sure, pick this up, but I think waiting on a new Warioware game is better if you want a party game.

  • Sonic Forces Bonus Edition $24.99: Another Sonic game, another pile of mediocrity. If your kids are big into the TV show then I don’t know if you have much of a choice on whether or not you buy it, but if not then avoid it. We are at least two bad Sonic games away from the next decent one.
  • Super Bomberman R $24.99: Another one with which there is little to say. Bomberman is Bomberman, and on the Switch it works well. You need two consoles to make the most of it when portable, but on the big screen it works well. I loved the series growing up, and the latest entry is just as fun as it used to be. Great for parties.
  • The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ $29.99: Binding of Isaac is one of the most interesting games I’ve ever played. My partner has sunk over 1000 hours into the game, or versions of it, over the last few years, and getting it on the Switch would be a good move. It plays like a disturbing version of the original Legend of Zelda, with procedural Dungeons and an even more confusing storyline. Well worth the price.
  • Puyo Puyo Tetris $29.99: Puyo Puyo blended with Tetris. Another puzzle game, and this one is actually not bad. I don;’t thin Tetris needed new life breathed into it, it still plays great, but as an oddity this is well worth checking out.
  • FIFA 18 $29.99: More FIFA. If you are a soccer fan then you are going to buy it, unfortunately the Pro Evo series just isn’t as good as it used to be. This one is an upgraded version of the 360 release though, so it doesn’t look as good as the PS4 version, but the portable nature of the Switch version, and the fact that it plays very similarly, makes it well worth considering over the other ports.
  • Cars 3: Driven to Win $29.99: A racing game for kids, so it has to be judged by that metric. It’s apparently not bad, and there is plenty of content, enough to keep the kids busy for a few weeks at the very least. If you child like Cars then it is worth considering, but the price is a little steep, and when you compare it to the others on this list I think there are better options.
  • Just Dance 2018 $29.99: If you like dancing games then buy it. If you don’t then don’t. It plays like the Wii version. The music is mostly modern, and it has a selection of older hits that are always played during weddings, so there is some real world benefit to playing the game.
  • LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game $19.99: Video game tie in for a movie adaptation of a toy. It plays like Lego undercover, so think GTA with Lego people and you’re more than half way there. Good choice for kids, but less so for adults.
  • Disgaea 5 Complete Standard Edition $19.99: I loved the Disgaea games once upon a time, and at their core the gameplay is still good fun, but the core issue with Japanese games development lies in the insistence on thousand hour grind sessions. If you want to get the most out of this game then buckle up and be ready for a long ass haul. if you are just looking for a funny, anime style strategy RPG with 5 games of design iterations behind it then this is well worth the price.
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 $19.99: I played pretty much every DBZ game growing up, even the early Budokai games which were not exactly great, and the Xenoverse games are little better in terms of core gameplay, but there is a lot of content, and the online elements are fun. the unique story, allowing you to jump through time and play around with your favorite characters at your favorite point int he timeline is a blast, and it looks great too. A good game, marred by the fact that Fighters Z is out soon.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Explorer’s Edition $59.99: There is nothing I can say that will beat the reviews that are online for this game. Probably the best Zelda in terms of gameplay and Graphics, and an absolute must play on the Switch. This game alone makes picking up the console worth it. The price is essentially full, but the explorer’s edition comes with a few nice bonus items, like a map and a coin.
  • Super Mario Odyssey + collectable Cappy coin $59.99: Not my favorite Mario game, but this is certainly one of the best ever made. Nintendo really spared no expense, and pulled out all the stops to make this one very special game. It might be essentially full price, but the bonus items you get are at least nice. Haven’t been able to find this one cheaper either.

There are a number of other places to get your Switch games on the cheap as well. Fred Meyer is doing 20% off all video games, with a select few getting 25% off, so be sure to check them out. Fry’s electronics have a huge list of games on buy two get one free, with the cheapest of the three being free. It includes some choice games, like Fire Emblem and Doom. Toy’s R Us have 30% off select titles, and Target have a few games down at $15, but only on the day.

Best Nintendo Console Deals Black Friday 2017

The Switch is one of the best consoles ever released. You can look back and see Nintendo gearing up for a console like this, and it is nice to see all that work pay off. The company was never going to fold, but the failure of the Wii U hit them hard, so they needed the Switch to succeed. They might still be doing a few things wrong, online play for one and not using the Tegra X2 for another, but by and large they have had a successful launch, and this holiday season is set to be amazing for them. Getting the console is going to set you back $300. No two ways about it. Walmart, BestBuy, Gamestop Fred Meyer, Target, all listing the console solo for that price. H-E-B Plus is the only place I have found with a different deal, but the price is the same, $299.99 for the console, but you get a game with it. Don’t know what the selection is like, but at the very least you can trade it in.

Best Nintendo Add on Deals Black Friday 2017

By add ons I mean controllers, peripherals and SD cards. All the current gen Nintendo consoles use SD cards, so getting the one with the highest capacity, at the lowest price, is a must.

  • Power Plus Super Mario Edition Controller BestBuy $19.99: It’s like the classic controller, but red with a Mario Decal. Good price on it though, and it is more comfortable than the Joycons.
  • PDP Nintendo Switch Starter Kit BestBuy $19.99: Standard kit that gets pushed for all handheld consoles, a case, screen protector, charger, a whole host of things. Not sure if it’s for me, but if you want more compact storage then worth considering.
  • Power Joy-Con Charging Dock BestBuy $19.99: If you have a handful of Joycons and need to charge them all at once then worth the price.
  • Nintendo Switch Racing Wheel 2pk Gamestop $6: Good price, even if they are just molded plastic. If you want to add a little more whimsy to your gaming experience then pick them up.
  • Nintendo Switch USB-C Car Charger Gamestop $6: Another great proce, and you can never have enough chargers.
  • Amibo Figures Meijer Buy one get one free: well worth it, they add an extra element to most Nintendo games, and some of them look damn good too. the Zelda one is my favorite.

Samsung are still the kind of the SD card market, so I would go for them, not even sure if the Switch can take advantage of the highest transfer speeds on these things. If you want the highest capacity you can get the Sandisk is the better option from BestBuy. The switch will be able to support 2 TB cards, but I am finding it hard to find anything above 512GB.

  • Samsung EVO Plus 32GB microSDHC card BestBuy $9.99
  • Samsung EVO Plus 64GB microSDXC card BestBuy $19.99
  • SanDisk Ultra PLUS 16GB microSDHC card BestBuy $6.99
  • SanDisk Ultra PLUS 32GB microSDHC card BestBuy $9.99
  • SanDisk Ultra PLUS 64GB microSDXC card BestBuy $14.99
  • SanDisk Ultra PLUS 128GB microSDXC card BestBuy $29.99
  • SanDisk Extreme PLUS 32GB microSDHC card BestBuy $14.99
  • SanDisk Extreme PLUS 64GB microSDXC card BestBuy $24.99
  • SanDisk Extreme PLUS 128GB microSDXC car BestBuy d $49.99
  • SanDisk Ultra Plus 64GB microSDXC cards w/ adapters (2 pack) from Costco $39.49
  • Samsung EVO 32GB microSDHC card Fry’s Electronics $8.88
  • Samsung EVO 64GB microSDXC card Fry’s Electronics $13.99
  • Samsung EVO 128GB microSDXC card Fry’s electronics $34
  • Samsung EVO Plus 64GB microSDXC card Fry’s Electronics $17

Walmart, Staples and Office Max all have a range of SD cards on offer as well, be sure to check in store for the best deals, but I haven’t been able to find online deals better than above.

Black Friday Deals for Nintendo Switch 2017

And there we have it, a full cull of all the best deals this Black Friday for the Nintendo Switch. I have a similar list all drawn up for the 3ds for tomorrow, and there are some good ones in there. Looks tom be a good Black Friday for Nintendo fans. Remember that Nintendo themselves will have a few choice deals on the eShop for Black Friday 2017 as well.

Happy shopping folks.