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Black Friday Deals at eBay – 2018’s Best Discounts

eBay is a bit of a challenge to look at for Black Friday. You need a passing knowledge of so many different kinds of products, from computer hardware to clothing. I got my hands on the eBay ad leak, and there is indeed a whole host of different things on it. If you don’t know what you are looking for, and just want to partake in the savings, eBay wold be my go to store. I’ve taken the time to cull a few choice items from the list, and will be expanding on why they deserve your attention, but you know you, get what you want, most have a great discount. The full pdf is down below for you to look at.

So let’s get to it, see the best eBay has to offer.

Black Friday Discount eBay Ad Scan 2017

  • iPhone 8

    Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB $769.00 (4% off): Are they serious? 4% discount? Anyone willing to spend $769 on an iPhone is willing to pay full price anyway. The hardware is middle of the road, but you buy Apple for the style and the user interface.

  • Intel Core i7 7700K $279.99 (44% off): Excellent value this. The 7700K may only be a quad core chip, but the per core performance is high, and hyper threading is good enough to compensate. The Ryzen chips are better value at this price point though, especially long term.
  • LG 43″ 4K TV $279.99 (49% off): More a monitor person than a TV one, but this tempts me. A full 4K display is nothing to sneeze at, but 60hz is a little ow for me now. If you need a replacement for the living room, or an upgrade, this is an excellent choice.
  • Apple iPad Pro 128GB $649.99 (26% off): A good discount and still the best tablets on the market, until the EveTech release the Eve V at any rate. Screen clarity is lovely, and the App store is chock full of useful time saving apps.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro i5 4GB RAM 128GB $899.99 (25% off): If you need an x86 tablet hybrid right now the only option is the Surface. Great discount, good specs and so much utility. The Eve V will be out soon, at both a better price and better tech specs though, so I expect the Surface to drop a little in the coming months.
  • Bose Quiet Comfort 3 $139.95 (44% off): Bose make some of the finest headphones out there, and getting a set for this price is a chance that should not be passed up.
  • Harman Kardan Onyx Portable Speaker $69.99 (53% off): I don’t know the brand, but the base price is very high on this one, for a portable speaker anyway. Reviews have praised the tone, which is super important for any small form factor speaker, so expect high quality if you go for it.
  • GoPro Hero6 Black Edition + 16GB SD Card + $50 eBay Gift Card $449.99 (10% off): If you want to record first person anything then GoPro is still the go to brand. This offering from eBay comes with a whole host of extras, adding to the value.
  • Dyson Hot & Cool Fan Heater Iron/Copper $239.99 (47% off): Dyson made the best vacuum cleaners, and now they make the best heaters. Fanless, and silent, these things can cool a room on a ht summers day, or save you a little on your heating bill, depending on the price of electric where you are.

  • RemoBell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell $99.99 (50% 0ff): For security or just for fun. Looked like a cool idea when I added it to the list.
  • Gourmia Stainless Steel Multifuncton 6-qt. Pressure Cooker $54.99 (45%): Not a fan of pressure cookers, I find they leave a bit of a waxen texture to the food they cook, but some people use them, and this is a high quality one. It can also steam and work as a slow cooker.
  • Segway Mini Pro

    Segway Ninebot MiniPro Smart Self-Balancing Personal Transporter $459.99 (42% off): Never seen anyone drive one of these, but this is a decent price for them.

  • Crystaluxe Sterling Silver Gingerbread Man Cookie $22.50 (87% off): I added this due to the price, but really, who wants this? I mean, look at it. It’s a bedazzled ginger bread man.
  • Adidas Men’s Tiro 17 Black Training Pants $28.99 (36% off): Good Adidas quality sports gear tends to be expensive. I have been looking for a new set of work out pants, and this is the right price, and brand, for me.
  • 9 Crowns AG Women’s Quilted Bomber Jacket $17.99 (58% off): Very steep discount here, and a lovely jacket. It’s winter, and the 90s are in for some reason, so expect more and more bomber jackets to be on the street.
  • Sony Alpha a6300 Mirrorless Digital Camera $779.99 (16% off): Super expensive camera. Sony make the vast majority of phone camera equipment these days, and their stand alone models spare no expense. Perfect for the professional, and the aspiring professional.
  • Dell Inspiron 15.6″ Gaming Laptop Intel $609.99 (32% off): Excellent value on this laptop. An i5 7000 series CPU, a mobile Pascal GPU, the 1050, and 8GB of RAM. This thing is a mini powerhouse, good for 1080p gaming, on medium settings, or general work.
  • Asus ROG 15.6″ Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7 $1099.99 (27% off): The price here is okay, but the Dell model is better value. This ASUS build might have the 1060 mobile chip and twice the RAM, but that alone is not worth an extra $400. Get the Dell.
  • Fila Men’s Weathertec Extreme Boot $20.99 (72% off): Huge discount on a pair of nice all weather boots. Shades of black, should go with anything, great buy.
  • Burberry Weekend Men’s 3.3-oz. Cologne $14.99 (77% off): Another huge discount, not sure on the smell though, kinda rolling the dice, but at least the stakes aren’t high.
  • Tom Ford Black Orchid Women’s Perfume $92.99 (45% off): Another huge discount, but we are looking at a far higher risk of pungency here. Might be worth it to fans of the fragrance, and if you want to try something new then go for it.
  • Michael Kor’s Womens Parker Watch $94.95 (75% off): Not a fan of diamante, or diamonds for that matter, but this is a lovely discount on a pretty nice watch. Hard to go wrong with a watch as a gift too.
  • LG 43″ 4K TV

    Arikibos XXIV Men’s Quartz Sunray Dial DateĀ  $24.99 (94% off): This looks a little suspicious, but then Black Friday is a magical time.

  • Vera Bradley Hipster Crossbody Bag $15.99 (73% off): This bag looks so cool, and the major discount makes it a no brainer. Not sure why they branded with a loaded word like Hipster, but what can you do.
  • Eagles Hotel California Deluxe Edition $69.98 (30% off): Is three discs and a whole host of reading material about this record really worth the asking price? I somehow doubt it, but then I am not an Eagles fan. Good gift idea when buying for those who are.
  • Barbie Malibu Avenue 2-Story Mall w/ 2 Dolls $49.99 (55% off): Nice big discount, and Christmas is a time for toys. Can’t help but feel like electronic toys have superseded the dolls of the world at this point though.
  • Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Discovery Interactive Globe w $34.99 (56% off): Such a cool gift, it has trivia and information delivered in real time. I want it more as an ornament though, and I might as well buy a nice real globe if that’s the case. If you don’t want your child on Google Maps for some reason then this is a good buy.
  • NFL Adjustable Hat $11.99 (45% off): Can’t imagine why a hat that allows you to change the displayed NFL team on the fly would sell so poorly as to need a steep Black Friday discount in order to shift stocked units /s. I really like this idea though.
  • Google Home Mini + $10 eBay Gift Card $29.00 (41% off): The entry level google speaker, does everything the larger brothers can do, but at a very low price point. The audio quality could be a little better, but at effectively $19.99 ya can’t complain. Links into your google account, broadcast direct from your phone and play anything you like on the fly.
  • HP ProBook 15.6″ 455 G4 Notebook AMD A10 $399.99 (20% off): An AMD APU based laptop at too high a price. If you see anything other than Raven Ridge on an AMD powered laptop then avoid it, the graphics are little ahead of intels integrated solutions, but not by enough to justify $400.
  • Gotham Steel Pan Set

    Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB Unlocked $915.00 (4% off): Same opinion as above Far too expensive for what it is, but at least the screen is a full 1080p on this one. Pretty sure they actually render higher then downscale for clarity.

  • Samsung 32″ QHD FreeSync Gaming $397.99 (27% off): Great quality, and an amazing price. The refresh rate might still be sitting at 60hz, but the resolution is 1440p and 32″ of pure curved joy is worth way more than the asking price here. FreeSync is a nice touch too, but variable frame rate syncing on a 60hz monitor is a little redundant on even a mid range machine.
  • LG 24″ 16:9 4K UHD FreeSync IPS Monitor $270 (40% off): This is a flat screen, but it’s also 4k, so the image quality is excellent. The 60hz refresh hurts this one as well, again making the FreeSync a little pointless.
  • 12.9″ Apple iPad Pro 32GB Wifi $424.99 (29% off): Same opinion as the previous iPad, still the best tablets on the market.
  • DJI Mavic Pro + Free Hard Drive, Micro SD, carry case and Prop Guard $899 (10% off): Not a huge discount, but for a high powered drone this is a good price. The add ons sweeten the deal a little too. The on board drone camera records in 4k, and you can watch in real time.
  • 49″ LG Ultra HD 4K HDR Smart LED TV $359.99 9 (43% off): I hate smart TVs, I mean, a small form factor computer and a 4K TV is cheaper and does more. But at this price it is more worth it. Perfect for taking advantage of your new Xbox One X.
  • 50″ Best Choice Electric Wall Mounted FireplaceĀ  $139.99 (65% off): I have a wall mounted fire place in case of emergency heating situations, and I like it. This one is cheap, easy to move and can output more than enough heat to warm a large sitting room.
  • DJI Drone, folded for easy storage.

    Worx AeroCart 8-in-1 Multi-Function Wheel Barrow $89.99 (55% off): The coolest wheel barrow in existence. Works as a forklift and doggy bath too.

  • Gotham Steel Mega All-in-One Kitchen Nonstick $99.99 (67% off): Oh my god look at these things. I do the vast majority of the cooking in my house, and I need a new set of pans. Have already bought this set, looking forward to getting them. That copper finish is divine as well.
  • Wilsons Leather Men’s Bomber Jacket $89.99 (82% off): High quality, great discount and looks great. Will make you feel like Steve McQueen.
  • Ray-Ban Erika RB4171 Round Unisex $54.99 (61% off): Just a really good deal on some Ray Bans.
  • William Mark Adorable Feisty Pets Plush $19.99 (33% off): Love this. Clearly a Halloween item they over stocked on and need to get rid of. Glad to help them out.

  • iTunes $100 Gift Card $85 (15% off): Am I wrong or is this just buying money? I mean, you buy enough of these and sell them on you make a profit.

  • Marshall Acton Bluetooth Speaker $119.99 (48% off): Super high quality speaker, and it looks like a tiny old tube amp to boot. Dials on there to dial in the audio to your preferences.
  • 5000 Lumen LED Zoomable Flashlight $5.99 (60% off): 5k Lumens is super high for a handheld light. Seems to be spot light LEDs in there, and if I am reading the longevity correctly, they are Cree. Likely get around 25,000 hours of full burn out of them. Great value.
  • Samsung 36″ Side By Side Refrigerator $999.99 (13% off): Getting any amount off a new Fridge Freezer is great, and this is a top of the line Samsung model as well. All the usuals are here, water and ice dispenser.

Black Friday Discount eBay Ad Scan 2017

Well there we are, a nice varied selection to choose from. Top pick is probably the pan set, I mean look at them, pristine and perfect. Of course that means that I’m getting old. That wheel barrow is pretty cool too. If you are looking for computer hardware, coffee grinders or mattresses check out my other articles if that’s the case.

Happy shopping folks.

Click the image below to download or view the complete Black Friday ad:

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