BLUBOO Offering Huge Deals for 11.11 Shopping Carnival

There is a huge online shopping carnival happening on 11.11, and BLUBOO is getting in on all of the fun. BLUBOO has a ton of deals on smartphones heading into the 11.11 shopping carnival this year. There will be gifts and deep discounts on some of the most sought after BLUBOO products, including the BLUBOO S8+. Here are just some of the offers and deals BLUBOO has in store for the 11.11 shopping carnival.

BLUBOO 11.11 Shopping Carnival Deals & Promotions

BLUBOO S8+ Global Launch During 11.11 Shopping Carnival

There is going to be a presale going on for the BLUBOO S8+ from 11.11 through 11.25. During this presale period, you can get the BLUBOO S8+ for $159.99. That is a $20 savings off of the official price. You will also get a gift bag that is worth at least $30 during this promotion. This will include two USB cables, two type-C adapters, one screen protector, and one crash-proof case. If you are one of the first 1,111 people to buy the BLUBOO S8+ you will also get even more savings. You will get an extra $10 off the price of the BLUBOO S8+, which makes the price come down to $149.99.

Flash Sale During 11.11 Shopping Carnival

There will also be a flash sale going on during the 11.11 shopping carnival for both the BLUBOO S8 and BLUBOO S1. There will be 2,222 pieces all together with 1,111 being of the BLUBOO S8 and 1,111 being of the BLUBOO S1. The BLUBOO S1 will be sold for $149.99 whereas the BLUBOO S8 will be sold for $129.99. It is important to remember that only 1,111 units of both will be on sale at these very low prices during the 11.11 shopping carnival. This is a savings of about $50 off of each smartphone.

Special Offer During 11.11 Shopping Carnival

There is also going to be a special offer during the 11.11 shopping carnival. The special offer will run from November 11 through November 13 and various BLUBOO models will be on sale during this time. The discounts can range from 20 percent to 40 percent. One of the deals is a May Max 6.0-inch for $125 and the 5.5-inch Maya will be $69.99. The Dual will be $89.99, Edge is going to be $96.66, and the Picasso 4G will be $76.99. The D1 is also going to be on sale and it will be $69.99.

There is also going to be a giveaway for the BLUBOO S8+ which will be on the BLUBOO Facebook page. There are only a couple steps you need to take to have a chance to win one of these new smartphones from BLUBOO.

If you would like to know more about all of these special offers during the 11.11 shopping carnival, click here to head over to the BLUBOO promotional page.