Boxing Coach Fakes Death After Learning Wife Hired Hitman To Kill Him

Ramon Sosa’s story sounds like something out of a movie but it actually happened with the help of police. Sosa, a boxing coach who opened a gym in Texas, met who he thought was the perfect partner in 2007.

Maria, a professional kickboxer known as Lulu, began working with Ramon in his gym and they would get married three years later. Ramon thought she was the perfect partner but things would take a bad turn just a few years later.

The only problem that the couple had before they got married was that Maria was not a resident and had to leave the country after a few months to return again. In 2010, they got married and she was on her way to becoming an American citizen. Everything appeared to be perfect at the time but Maria would later do something that Ramon was not expecting.

Ramon told the Daily Mail that in 2015, she asked for a divorce as they were going through tough economic times. But that was just the start of what Maria was planning. After asking for the divorce, she decided to hire a man called Gustavo so he could find her a hitman to kill Ramon.

Her plans didn’t go well because Ramon and Gustavo knew each other. He was taking boxing classes with him and thought it was a joke when he called him to let him know about Maria’s plan.

Ramon asked Gustavo to talk to her again with a microphone hidden in his clothes. During the meeting, Gustavo suggested the idea of beating him up instead of killing him but Maria made it clear that she wanted him dead. She also gave him $1,000 of the $2,000 she had offered him as part of the deal.

The story was not over yet as police came up with a plan to catch Maria. Ramon talked to Houston police and they asked him to fake his own death. They would then use the pictures of him dead to see her reaction.

In the pictures, Ramon can be seen with his hands behind his back and bleeding from a shot to the head. The FBI used paint to make it seem like it was blood. The pictures were taken at a desert in Texas. Ramon was told to stay inside a hotel room for a few days so the plan would not be ruined.

The plan continued with a police officer pretending to be one of the hitmen behind the murder of Ramon. The two met at a parking lot where he showed her the pictures of Ramon dead. She laughed at the pictures but she didn’t know that she would be arrested seconds later.

Maria was sentenced to 20 years in prison last year but the story recently surfaced after police revealed the pictures of his fake death.