Burlington Coat Factory Black Friday 2018 – Full Ad Scan Leaked

From the name, one may be tempted to believe that the Burlington Coat Factory manufactures coats but one couldn’t be more wrong! Founded in 1972 when Henrietta Milstein and her husband purchased an abandoned factory in Burlington, New Jersey with money she’d saved from working as a librarian, the company now operates in 45 states (including Puerto Rico) boasting 591 stores, has hit the Fortune 500, and still headquartered in good ol’ Burlington. While initially only selling coats, their business model shifted to include a wide selection of clothing, house linens, and shoes. The popular tagline, “I got it at the Factory, Burlington Coat Factory!” will certainly be on your lips this holiday season!

The holidays are a time of celebration and giving thanks and understanding this, Burlington Coat Factory will be closed for Thanksgiving, knowing that its employees and valued customers will be gathered around the table with their loved ones. After turkey, pie, and a long nap comes Black Friday, and Burlington Coat Factory will be open bright and early at 7am to welcome bargain-hunters.

What sweet deals can you expect from your favourite low-price apparel and gift retailer for Black Friday 2017? The ad scan for Burlington Coat Factory has just leaked and it’s more stuffed with hot buys than Aunt Gretchen’s turducken! You’ve got a lot of people on your list and a lot of family members to keep warm this winter, so let’s dive in and break it all down!

Best Burlington Coat Factory 2017 Black Friday Deals:

Gifts For Her:

  • Boxed Wallets from $7.99! Goodbye bulky wallet and old-lady change-purse, hello stylish shopper!
  • Evening Bags from $12.99! You can never have too many bags and at prices like this, you can stock up!
  • Boxed Jewellery from $5.99! Spoilers: every gal wants to see a little box under the tree this year.
  • Pajama Sets from $12.99! Is she a brushed flannel kind of girl or does she favour the fit of soft cotton? Why not both!
  • Cold Weather Accessories from $5.99! Matching hats, scarves, and gloves for those intimate nights out carolling.
  • Robe & Pajama Sets from $16.99! Go all the way with a warm pajama set and matching snuggly robe for those lazy Sunday mornings.
  • Make-up Sets from $4.99! Who are we kidding though, she always looks her best!
  • Fragrances from $12.99! Because there’s something about that hint of perfume hanging in the air just after she walks by.
  • Styling Tools from $16.99! Everyone loves the just-out-of-the-salon look, create it at home for so much less!
  • Sweaters from $12.99! Go on man, as long as you’ve got her that little box, you’re allowed to hide it with a sweater. 😉

Gifts For Him:

  • Men’s Grooming Kits from $6.99! It’s more than a shave and a haircut, it’s his scent and his style that make him irresistible.
  • Cold Weather Accessories from $5.99! Shovelling snow or making the frozen dash from the parking lot to work, keep him warm this winter.
  • Men’s Dress Accessories from $7.99! You gotta give it to him, the boy cleans up well! For every cocktail party this season, there’s a dress accessory.
  • Sweaters from $14.99! There’s just something about a guy in well-fitting sweater that just melts your heart.
  • Men’s Loungewear from $9.99! A sick day, for game day, or even that lazy weekend with you and Netflix, he’ll feel great.
  • Men’s Watches from $19.99! Sport or professional, functional and stylish, treat him to a new watch this Christmas!
  • Drones from $39.99! You know he’s been wanting one (let’s face it, you have too!) so embrace the kid in you both!
  • Wool Coats from $49.99! Everyone needs a new coat this winter (even if he insists he “can’t feel the cold, really!”)

Gifts For the Kids:

  • Character Luggage from $39.99! Travelling for the holidays with kids can be rough so let them tote their bag in style with their favourite characters!
  • Dolls from $5.99! Every kid has a favourite dolly, so make this one magical.
  • RC Cars from $14.99! Relive those childhood memories of racing around after an RC car with your own kids this year.

  • Character Bedding from $9.99! Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bag guys bite (because you’re safe with the good guys all over your bedding)!
  • Girls 3-Piece Sets from $12.99! She’ll look her best in the family Christmas card picture and you’ll be so proud.
  • Boys 3-Piece Sets from $14.99!
  • Learning Toys from $11.99! The path to an Ivy League university starts in childhood with a love of learning and abstract thinking!
  • Ride-On Toys from $25.99! Keep those active little scoots busy with their very own ride-on toys!

Gifts For Everyone On Your List:

  • Bluetooth Devices from $9.99! Who has time for wires anymore? What is this, 1985? Give the gift of bluetooth this Christmas.
  • Bath & Body Sets from $6.99! Who doesn’t love to look and feel their best?
  • Barware from $7.99! Bring a bottle of wine to the party and bring some glamorous barware for your favourite host.
  • Holiday Mugs from $2.99! When the weather gets cold and there’s a scent of pine on the air, who doesn’t love to dig out their best holiday mug for coco?
  • Home Security Systems from $39.99! For yourself or someone you care about, keep everyone safe and sound.

This is just a taste of the hot deals and sweet buys you’ll find at Burlington Coat Factory for Black Friday 2017! Remember that no matter how good this sale is, you’ll ALWAYS save up to 65% off other retailer’s prices when you show at Burlington Coat Factory!

Burlington Coat Factory Black Friday FAQ’s:

When does Burlington Coat Factory open for Black Friday?

Burlington Coat Factory locations will open at 7am on Black Friday 2017 and remain open until 11pm. That’s 16 HOURS of shopping goodness and enough time to get more than everything on your list!

2017 Burlington Coat Factory Black Friday Hours:

Thursday (Thanksgiving): Closed

Black Friday: 7am – 11pm

Saturday/Sunday: Normal business hours (may vary by location, please contact your local store)

Can you shop online or is it in-store only?

All deals are available online at burlingtonstores.com where you’ll ALWAYS save on manufacturer and other retailer’s prices!

What is the Burlington Coat Factory Return Policy?

The Burlington Coat Factory return window is 30 days from time of purchase. For returns with receipt or online purchase confirmation, items must be in new condition, not worn or washed and returned in the original packaging. Refunds will be credited to the original method of payment. For returns without receipt or online purchase confirmation, a valid photo ID is required. For returns made in excess of 60 days from time of purchase, a gift card will be issued for the lowest sale price.

If you would like to see the complete 4-page Black Friday 2017 ad for Burlington Coat Factory, then all you have to do is click the image below to view or download the complete ad scan.