Cuba: Electric Bus Begins Covering One of The Main Routes In Havana

An electric bus by a Chinese company is now picking up passengers in one of Havana’s main routes. The bus has been driving through the route for a few days now and could be the beginning of big changes for public transportation in Cuba.

The electric bus began covering the route on Monday and is a major addition to the city’s public transportation. The bus covers Route 18, which is one of the main routes in Havana. The company behind the project is Yutong, which is known for its buses in China, Latin America and other places.

Cuba’s public transportation system is heavily used by the population as not everyone owns a car there. A lot of trucks have been turned into buses but they lack air conditioning and comfortable seats.

The bus from Yutong is a nice change, offering 36 seats and enough space to fit 51 standing passengers. The bus also has air conditioning, making it the only one in the city to have that.

Yutong not only brought the bus but also experts to install a charging station. The company has brought only one bus to the island but officials did not rule out the possibility of bringing more in the future. Jorge Luis Leon, the technical director of Havana’s transportation, the bus can travel between 250 km (155 miles) and 300 km (186 miles). He added that this electric bus has very good operating conditions from an ecological point of view.

The bus began picking up passengers on Monday and will continue operating there. Yutong chose Daniel Rios, who has been working with buses for 25 years, as the driver for the electric bus. He says the benefits make the trip more comfortable and less stressful for the passenger and driver.

Leon’s company and the city will look at how the vehicle does in the city the next nine months. Leon said that in the future, it could lead to the purchase of more buses. The Yutong electric bus offers many features that other buses in the city don’t have. One of the most interesting is the seat of the driver, which adopts to the height and weight. The biggest improvement for passengers is the air conditioning and the number of seats and space for those standing. It’s also electric and has its own charging station.

In recent years, Yutong has brought many of its buses to countries such as Chile, Colombia and Venezuela. Yutong has also brought some of its buses to Cuba in the past but it is the first time that it brings an electric one.