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Dating From a Scientific Angle

What is it with science and technology? They might be among the most critical factors driving the progress of civilization, yet anyone with any degree of knowledge or experience in this area is often subject to derision. But a scientific mind is something to aspire to.

What’s in a name?

Various euphemisms abide for those of a scientific bent and few are complimentary. Nerds. Geeks. But the underlying sentiment behind the negative comments is surely down to this: jealousy. And what’s not to be jealous about? Anyone who is into scientific or technological pursuits, whether in a professional capacity or as a hobby or interest, has access to a vast arena that is infinitely interesting and exciting. So how exactly do these interests square with the world of relationships?

Technical skills

Here’s where any so-called geek can really come into their own. We live in a society dominated by technology. It infiltrates every aspect of our lives. Our fridges can let us know when particular items need replenishing. Our cars will soon be able to practically drive themselves with the advent of ever more sophisticated¬† navigation systems locked into satellites soaring miles above the atmosphere. Smart devices and laptops are ubiquitous. With so many new releases of hardware and software, those who can demonstrate an understanding of how to adapt to upgrades and incorporate new skills will place themselves in a favorable position. Tech abilities are on an equal par with those handy guys who can knock up shelving units in next to no time!

Brains not brawn

People can still be readily obsessed with superficiality.  When women think of prospective partners they often focus on handsome features or athletic prowess. But these attributes are hardly the ideal basis for any meaningful relationship. What is far more desirable when it comes to building the foundations of a secure and long-lasting romance are those all-important sparks of personality and chemistry. These can forge strong relationship. There are the bedrock of trust that will allow partners to begin to open up to one another, confiding in their secrets and insecurities. In any relationship where there is a spirit of openness and candid exchanges, there will be mutual respect.


At the core of scientific endeavors lie inquisitive minds, so meeting a technically astute partner will prove to be far more rewarding in the long run. People who are sorely drawn together by physical attraction do not have the same potential for bonding. Your science-orientated boyfriend is far more likely to keep you entertained with anecdotes. He will constantly be encouraging you to stretch your own mind and experience.

A technically-minded partner will have a ready supply of anecdotes and will be focused on keeping you engaged with his interests on a flirt stage of your relationship. This will also be a reciprocal process as he will be very keen to find out as much as he can about what drives you. These are among the basic elements of any scientific research, the need to understand various points of view and to empathize with them.

The bigger picture

Scientists are compelled to think about the bigger questions in life; probing the issues that matter to us all as opposed to focusing on how their football team is faring. They investigate how things could be improved. When it comes to relationships this will be played out as demonstrating a complete willingness to explore what could be done to improve things in certain areas. Your scientific partner will certainly be keen to maintain a positive and loving relationship, but he will also be looking to the bigger picture: family, health, well-being and an ecologically sound outlook.

Andy Debolt
Andy is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism. When he isn't writing Andy enjoys water sports and spending time on the golf course.


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