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Doogee Mix 2 Discount & Current Sale at Banggood

Nice to be back with a Doogee smartphone, they were the first to send anything back when I started this series. The Mix 2 continues with their work in bezel-less builds at affordable prices. There is a sale currently going on at Banggood which you can check out by clicking here or viewing the information at the end of this article.

Anyways this one moved further from the Xiaomi riff they began with, taking on a more slender form, while improving on the internals in every way. Gone is the legacy resolution that made the first build a bit of a miss to me, and in its place is a crystal clear 2k display. Love the fact that more and more phones are including it as standard, and the fact that bottom of the barrel import handsets are specced like this these days really makes you wonder what you are paying for, beyond the customer service

Doogee have been around since 2014, where they successfully entered the Chinese market with a string of low cost handsets. The gained a foothold i Europe not long after, with licensed phones based on soccer teams, and since then they have focused on derivative phones, using slightly lower spec hardware, and incredibly low prices. They offer everything from lowest of the low to upper mid range phones, and their range is expanding all the time. The Chinese market is one of the most fascinating to me. You see handsets released from the big name firms every year, then a few months later the low cost Chinese phones come, and they are for the most part pretty damn good, especially considering what you are paying. I suppose it makes sense, sourcing the parts over there is much easier after all. You do pay a price though, the customer service and after sale support is far lower with the firms, so knowing that before you buy is a must. In addition, the supported LTE frequencies are made for the Chinese market, and so not all US carriers can support them, be sure to check with your carrier before buying as well.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s dig in and see what’s so special about this one.

Doogee Mix 2 Smart Phone Design and Build Quality

the Bezel-less push is a weird one for me. I really don’t see any benefits beyond the aesthetics, but they are the it thing right now, so who am I to argue. The Mix 2 continues the Bezel;-less push started by the Mix 1, and they do a much better job of it this time around. Last time there was a noticeable gap, or bezel, making it a bit of a misnomer, but here they seem to have resolved it, leaving us with a nice crisp screen that runs all the way to the edge. The tech used to compensate for added touching on the edges seems to work fine, with no dropped inputs or misplaced clicks so far as I could find, and I really tried to confuse this thing.

The Mix 2 is a touch bigger than the vanilla mix, with an extra half and nice to the body, but a full inch to the screen real estate. The body itself is a shade thinner this time, owing much to the better bezel implementation, and as such it fits far more comfortably in the hand. Bear in mind that I use a Nexus 6 day to day, and that is a big phone, so your mileage may vary here. The OS is standard Android, but with a number of obscure home grown software pre installed. I always advise anyone who wants to buy a Chinese handset to root the thing and gut the software, replacing it with something you are more familiar with. Very easy to do these days, in fact I am quite sure there are a number of guides on this site for it.

Last time I had to ignore the screen and look at the insides to find the hardware decent, this time there is no such caveat. The screen is a nice big 2k display, 2048 x 1080, and this thing is crystal clear. The PPi is an impressive 403, putting it in the same league as the iPhone 8 Plus, but the contrast ratio is not quite as crisp. Still, off t a much better start here.

The hardware is a little upper mid for my liking, I use my phone for gaming mostly, but unless you want to try your hand at the most intensive emulation out right now, it is great. Talking about octa-core processors is a bit weird, especially with the way they are marketed, but it is better to think of them as two quad core processors. Four of them are spooled to 2.5Ghz for high performance mode, while the other four are clocked down to 1.6Ghz for power saver mode. Combined with the 4060mAh battery, this is a phone that will go for as much as two days on the one charge. The GPU is a Mali-T880 MP2 clocked at 900Mhz, higher than standard that, and it is far from the best on the market. Don’t expect Adreno levels of graphical fidelity, and it does not touch Tegra, but it gets the job done, and is perfect for light gaming.

The Ram is still the LPDDR4X, and there is a nice heft 6GB on board here. I have said it before, but mobile RAM is a little on the slow side, so you want as much of it as possible to compensate. Would have been nice to see a full 8GB here, but 6 is fine.

As is the case with most Chinese builds, they did no skimp on the camera. Or cameras, as is the case here. The main one is a 16MP build, based on Sony tech, and it takes a nice picture. The second camera is 13MP, and comes with a 130 degree mode, for taking group pictures, and when you combine them you can apply a depth of field effect to your photos. More familiar with this from gaming, but it does look great in stills.

The feel of the build is great. After the low range Mix 1 I did not expect much from the Mix 2, and from that perspective it blew me away. There are few builds on the market right now that offers these features in this price range, and knowing that the firm has been around for quite some time adds some much needed peace of mind to the whole thing. Main selling points I think are the screen resolution, the battery life, and the above average CPU/GPU combination. Overall, far more impressive than it has any right to be.

Doogee Mix 2 Smart Phone Pricing and Warranty

And on to the price. As I have stated already, too many times, but still, Chinese smartphones are very inexpensive for what you are getting. There are downsides, but to me the price more than makes up for them. The Mix 2 is sitting at $199.99 right now. Far below what you would pay from a big name company for essentially the same hardware. Well worth considering if you are looking for a back up phone, or you can tinker with it and make it your main.

And the warranty. I have been back reviewing mattresses this week as well, and jumping from their warranties to the ones that come with Chinese phones is a bit jarring. Here the warranty is terrible, but then the price is extremely low. Doogee’s site is a little on the ESL side of things, which can be funny, but not very reassuring. here there is 1 year of limited coverage, but the warranty page is contradictory, so I feel it is best to just write the whole thing off and consider the bargain. I find that pretty easy to do, but I know it can be a deal breaker for some, and if it is for you then you are going to have to go with an established name. Poor warranties are part of the cheap phone experience, and Doogee are not unique in this. Even some elevated Chinese firms, like OnePlus and Xiaomi, haven’t quite gotten the hang of a good warranty yet, despite matching the likes of Samsung on price.

The price is what you are here for. I am sure that some folk might see some use out of the warranty, but for most of us that will not be the case. Still, considering the specs this is an impressive little phone.

Doogee Mix 2 Smart Phone Conclusion

Did not expect to like this one as much as I have. The issues I had with the original handset, the Mix 1, have been addressed, and Doogee has come a long way in such a short space of time. The specs are good, the price is better, and the form factor is to their usual standard. If you are looking for a new phone that doesn’t break the bank, or you need a cheap handset in emergencies then is this certainly one to consider. Just be extra sure that your carrier covers the LTE frequencies that this build is locked to and you’ll be fine. Worst case scenario you’ll at least have 2G coverage.

Doogee Mix 2 Sale At Banggood

If you are as excited as me about the new Doogee Mix 2 I recommend taking advantage of the current discount and sale going on at You can use the links below to take advantage of the sale!

To check out the current discount and sale at Banggood click here.

You can learn even more about the smartphone here!

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