France: Police Warn About The Dangers of Chilli Pepper Challenge

There are plenty of videos out there of people eating spicy food such as hot peppers and the world’s hottest chip. But teenagers in France are now doing a challenge that police say is going too far.

For the game, the students don’t bring the most spicy chilli peppers to eat them at school. They do something a lot more dangerous, they crush them on their hands and rub them into other students eyes or mouths.

Police in France say the game has quickly become popular on social media and schools. The quick rise in popularity has forced them to warn parents about the game.

The game is mostly done against unsuspecting victims but some people are also doing the challenge by rubbing the chilli peppers on their skin.

Rubbing chilli peppers on someone’s eye or mouth or even touching it can lead to burns. Police has warned parents about the challenge on Facebook. The post mentions that since prevention remains the most effective way to stop this phenomenon, it is necessary to speak to young people about the dangers of this game.

The challenge sounds dangerous and painful but police have decided to warn parents even though only a few incidents have been reported so far. In one incident, three students suffered small burns when attempting to do the challenge. The school department in the area where the incident happened released another warning about the challenge.

Dangerous challenges are nothing new in France. In recent years, police have warned about other challenges that have become popular. In 2014, a drinking challenge in which people filmed themselves drinking and then nominating others to do the same, forced the country to take action. The challenge was linked to several deaths in the UK.

The online drinking game led to proposals from organizations and the government in France. The proposals included two years in jail and fines for those who shared the videos. In that same year, authorities had to issue warnings about a challenge in which people would jump into a river or sea. The person would then challenge someone else and if they didn’t respond or complete it, they would have to buy that person a meal at a restaurant. The game sounds harmless but it led to the death of a teenager who jumped into a river with a bike. The bike had been tied to his leg so he would not lose it in the river but authorities said he could not get back to the surface after jumping in.

Hot food is quite popular at the moment, with many people attempting the challenges with the hot pepper and the world’s hottest chip. The challenge appears to be more dangerous in France, where authorities are now warning parents about it.