Fugitive Venezuela Police Pilot Appears In Video

Oscar Perez, who Venezuelan authorities have been searching for months, has made another video appearance. The former police pilot is wanted by authorities after launching a helicopter attack on the Venezuelan Supreme Court in June. The video, which is his first appearance since July, surfaced on social media on Wednesday.

The video, which lasts a little over six minutes, shows him and another man sitting next to each other. Perez only speaks at the end of the video, saying that the population is the one that talks.

Venezuelan authorities have been searching for Perez since he used a police helicopter to launch an attack on the Venezuelan Supreme Court in June. No one was injured during the attack but it was revealed that grenades had been thrown to the building. Videos taken by witnesses show the helicopter flying around the city. Authorities later found the helicopter but not Perez, who would make other appearances after that.

The attack happened during the protests against the government earlier this year. More than 120 people lost their lives while hundreds more were injured or detained.

The attack in June left many questions among Venezuelans as it was revealed shortly after that the former police pilot was also an actor. Perez would later make appearances in other videos. In July, he made an appearance during an opposition vigil. It was his first public appearance since the attack.

Perez was a member of the Venezuelan police for 15 years. Days after the attack, Venezuela sent a request to Interpol for help on his capture. Venezuelan authorities have not captured Perez, despite launching a nationwide manhunt. In September, Venezuela’s chief prosecutor’s office charged a man with complicity and association with terrorism over the alleged theft of the helicopter. The news were confirmed on Twitter by the state prosecutor’s office.