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Guitar Center Black Friday Deals 2018 – View Full Ad Scan

Many musicians buy their first instrument from a store like Guitar Center. Once a small business that sold organs, it gradually became on of the most successful music retail businesses in the United States. Guitar Center has 269 locations as of November 2017, and nearly every single one of them is hosting epic doorbusters during Black Friday 2017!

Guitar Center was originally founded in 1959 by Wayne Mitchell in Hollywood, California. Before changing its name, it was known as the Organ Center. The business later became known for selling Vox GUitars and Amplifiers, so much so they became the one-stop shop for Vox amps and guitars. The Organ Center changed their name to The Vox Center in 1964. As the 1960’s drew to a close, other brands became more popular, prompting Wayne Mitchell to change the company’s name one last time to imply the inclusion of a wider span of brands and products. “Guitar Center” became the company’s permanent name.

Throughout the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s, Guitar Center was able to greatly capitalize on the rising popularity of their namesake, the electric guitar. They became extremely successful after leveraging the massive wave of guitar rock music that decorated the 1980s. Guitar legends like Eddie Van Halen popularized guitar-centric rock music, and a surge of Japanese guitar manufacturers that offered competitive prices helped guitar center build an empire. In 1997, Guitar Center became the first musical retail store to have an initial public offering.

Since companies like guitar center buy their products in wholesale, you can score great deals year round. During sale events like Black Friday, you can absolutely score some killer deals just by being on time. In some cases, you don’t even have to show up to the store! Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional musician, the Guitar Center discounts during the 2017 Guitar Center Black Friday event can benefit you. Buy your first instrument or add to your collection with these 2017 Guitar Center Black Friday deals!

Best Guitar Center 2017 Black Friday Deals

Guitar Center usually keeps their 2017 Black Friday guitar deals short and sweet, but they sure put quality over quantity! Guitar Center Black Friday deals on guitars, basses, keyboards, drums, and other instruments are abundant this year. Snag one of guitar center’s doorbuster black friday deals this year!

Here is the complete list of all deals for the 2017 Guitar Center Black Friday event. The first few pages of the ad scan are new releases, so this list of Guitar Center Black Friday Deals will save you some trouble.

  • Yamaha PSR-FS1 Portable Keyboard – $70 ($30)
    The PSR-FS1 is Yamaha’s most cost effective keyboard, ideal for beginner musicians. Its 61 key form factor allows it to be easily packed up and taken anywhere. 32-note polyphony allows beginners to play gradually more complex piece as they progress.
  • ESP LTD-EC401QM – $500 ($200 off)
    Metal guitarists rejoice! The ESP LTD-EC401QM has a set mahogany neck on a single cutaway body loaded with EMG 80 and 61 bridge and neck pickups, making it ideal for lower tunings and increased sustain. The LTD-EC401QM also features a thin u-shaped neck and 24 jumbo frets for fast playing.
  • Gretsch G5420T Electromatic Hollowbody Guitar – $650 ($200 off!)
    Gretsch’s legendary hollow and semi-hollow guitars are beloved by some of the most famous musicians in the world. The G5420T is equipped with two “Black Top” Filter’Tron pickups, A rosewood Adjusto-O-MAtic bridge, and a Bigsby B60 Tailpiece.
  • Your choice of an Epiphone Les Paul Special I P90, Epiphone PR-150 Acoustic Guitar, or a Fender Squier Bullet Mustang HH for just $40!
    The Les Paul Special, Epiphone PR-150, and Squier Bullet Mustang are all iconic guitars. This deal gets you a great price on one of these three guitars, whether you play electric or acoustic. A triple threat of Guitar Center Black Friday deals!
  • Martin Custom DX1 Dreadnought – $400 ($100 off)
    Martin’s legendary acoustic guitars normally fetch a hefty price tag, but their entry-level DX1 provides professional sound for beginners and professionals alike. One of the best Guitar Center Black Friday deals this year!
  • Roadrunner Deluxe Wood Case – $50 ($50 off)
    Protect your guitar in style while you carry it to gigs with one of Roadrunner’s highly renowned guitar cases. Pick one of these cases up along with a new guitar you bought looking 2017 Black Friday instrument deals!
  • 12 Sets of Martin Marquis Strings – $50 ($21 off)
    Save by buying in bulk! Buy enough strings to last a whole tour at a bargain price.
  • Fender American Standard Stratocaster – $500 (up to $125 off)
    No guitar collection is complete without a Stratocaster. Purchase the classic instrument for
  • TC Electronics Effects Pedals – Three for $120
    The TC Electronics pedals are typically $50 to $60 each, but this Guitar Center Black Friday discount practically gives you a pedal for free. Chose three pedal types from TC Electronic’s wide array: distortion, overdrive, delay, phaser, tremolo, compressor, fuzz, vibrato, flanger, booster, and reverb.
  • MXR Carbon Copy Delay – $150 with free $20 Gift Card
    Get the shimmery sound of MXR’s famous Carbon Copy delay, and also get a free $20 gift card with this great guitar pedal Black Friday discount.
  • 3 Sets of Ernie Ball Earthwood Acoustic Strings or Slinky Acoustic Strings – $10 ($4 off)
    These strings normally retail for $5 per set, so this deal basically gives you a free set of strings.
  • Musician’s Gear Standard Instrument and Microphone Cables – Buy One Get One Free!
    XLR and Instrument cables are buy one get one free during Black Friday at Guitar Center.It’s important to have multiple cables in your arsenal for every occasion, so plug into great Guitar Center Black Friday deals like this one!
  • Fretrest by Proline Wall Hangers and Guitar Stands – Buy One Get Two Free!
    Store your new Guitar Center Black Friday deals guitars with a great buy one get two free deal on instrument hangers and stands.
  • Hohner Roadhouse Blues Harmonicas – $15 ($7 off)
    Blues on the go for less than $20!
  • Yamaha P-45 88-key Digital Piano – $450 ($100 off)
    Bundled with a wooden stand, a stool, and a sustain pedal, the P-45 gives you the sound and feel of a full size piano for less.
  • M-Audio Keystation 49es Black with Ableton Lite – $80 ($20 off)
    Get your started creating electronic music with this 49-key midi controller bundled with Ableton Live Lite. The keystation 49es is ready to go without any configuration within Ableton, just plug and play! This keyboard discount gives you a solid midi controller at a cheap price.
  • Shure SM48 Vocal Microphone – $29 ($25 off)
    The Shure Sm48 Unidirectional microphone is the sibling microphone of the famous SM58, capable of any vocal task you throw at it.
  • Shure SM58 Vocal Microphone – $90 ($10 off)
    The Shure SM58 and its sibling, the Sm57 have established themselves as the most versatile and reliable vocal microphones in the world. They’re the best selling microphones in the world for a reason!

  • Shure SE15 Sound Isolating Earphones – $90 ($10 off)
    If you need a reliable of go-to earbuds for listening to music, or you need to protect your hearing on stage, the SE15 in-ear monitors are ideal for you. These earbuds are super portable and feature a detachable cable for longer life.
  • JBL LSR305 5” Powered Studio Monitors – $100 ($50 off)
    These powerful studio monitors allow you make even the most minute adjustments to your mix without needing headphones. These monitors are “room friendly”, giving you a large working space regardless of your room’s acoustics.
  • AKG K52 Headphones – $40 ($10 off)
    Hear crisp bass and clear highs with the AKG K52 studio monitor headphones. Pair these with speakers to hear every little bit of your mix.
  • Dr Pro DJ Laptop Stand – $20 ($80 off)
    A laptop is an essential tool for a modern DJ, and a stand is a must-have for the gigging DJ. Save $80 with this great Guitar Center Black Friday Deal for a sturdy laptop stand that’ll last even the most active DJ years.
  • Alesis Transactive Wireless 2 Battery Powered Portable PA – $100 ($100 off)
    Bluetooth capabilities, built-in LEDs, and crisp sound make this PA party ready wherever you go. Battery power gives you a great speaker that lets you be heard no matter the occaision.
  • American DJ Vpar Pak – $150 ($100 off)
    This handy kit includes two American DJ VPAR LED lights and a wireless IR remote. A soft case is alco included. These lights are ideal for uplighting and stage lighting at any event.
  • Gemini Mix2Go Pro Portable DJ Mixer – $100 ($200 off)
    WIth a built in light show stand, speakers, eight hot cueing and looping pads, and dual touch scratch pads, the Gemini Mix2Go DJ mixer is by far one of the best Guitar Center Black Friday Deals available in 2017. Get started DJing today!
  • Harbinger M60 60-Watt 4 Channel Compact Portable PA with 10” Speakers – $130 ($70 off)
    The Harbinger M60 is a simple and portable solution for all your gigging needs. The M60 is ideal for small, intimate spaces but packs enough punch to make the room shake. The speakers have four inputs for microphones, as well as an MP3/AUX input for a backing track.
  • Gemini PA-15L 15” Loudspeaker Pack – $150 ($100 off)
    Bluetooth remote controls and visual effects built into the speaker set the PA-15L from the rest. Gemini’s signature LEDs light up your party like nobody else can! A sturdy steel stand keeps the speaker in place.
  • Harbinger Muv Series MLS800 Line Array PA System – $400 ($200 off)
    This ultra light, 800-watt portable PA is the best choice for traveling musicians with space and budget limitations. The MLS800 uses six 2.75 inch high frequency drivers for crisp highs and mids, and a single 8 inch low-end driver at its base for warm lows.
  • Harbinger Vari Series Powered Speakers – $100 off
    Save up to $100 on any Harbinger Vari series speaker. These speaker units pack a powerful punch for the money – so hurry up and snap up Guitar Center Black Friday deals like these before they’re gone!
  • SPL Lil’ Kicker 3-piece Junior Drum Set – $120 ($30 off)
    Unlike other beginner kits, SPL’s Lil’ Kicker drum kit is built to the same standards as their full sized kits. Starting your child out on this kit will help them grow up up with the experience of playing on, tuning, and maintaining a real drum kit. The Lil’ Kicker will certainly hold up long past their early years!
  • SPL Unity Birch Series 5-piece Complete Drum Set – $400 ($100 off)
    Birch shells and a glittery finish make this 5-piece kit shine on stage, in both its looks and its sound. All SPL Unity Birch Series kits come equipped with a bass drum, a snare, a floor tom, and two regular toms. The kits also include cymbals and hardware as well.
  • Meinl Midsize Birchwood Cajon – $50 ($20 off)
    Cajons are staple instruments of world and flamenco music. They’re also great to carry with you whenever you feel like jamming. The birch construction of Meinl’s Headliner series cajons guarantees the classic cajon sound no matter what you play.
  • Soundbrenner Pulse Wearable Metronome – $70 ($30 off)
    Keep more in time than ever by feeling the beat rather than hearing it. By pairing your Pulse with Soundbrenner’s app, you can change the tempo and time signature to your needs. This innovative device frees up your ears to hear the music so that you can feel the rhythm – literally!
  • Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set – $800 ($200 off)
    Roland is one of the most respected brands in electronic music. The company’s electronic drum kits are untouchable. The TD-11K-S features 3 cymbal pads, 3 tom pads, and one bass and snare pad. A massive library of quality sounds and realistic drum sounds make this kit a power player in any drummer’s arsenal.
  • Roland TD-11KV-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set – $1300 ($300 off)
    Roland’s TD11KV-S is a more realistic feeling version of the TD-11KS. Mesh drum heads provide more tactile feedback, and the natural feeling kick pad emulates a real kick.
  • Simmons SD2000 Electronic Drum Set with Mesh Heads – $1000 ($300 off)
    A full color MCD control screen, mesh heads, and Simmon’s Spherical Mounting Technology allow you to adjust the sound and feel of your kit without limits.
  • Simmons SD350 Electronic Drum Set with Mesh Heads – $300 ($100 off)
    Beginners and pros who alike who need a quiet practice kit should pick up the DD350. Realistic feeling mesh heads, kick and hi-hat pedals with integrated controllers, and 179 built-in sounds make this kit a hair away from the real thing. Like other electronic kits, it has USB and MIDI capability for pairing with a DAW of your choice.
  • Yamaha DTX430K Electronic Drum Set – $470 ($130 off)
    Yamaha instruments are known for exceptional quality no matter the price point. The DTX430 is a prime example of what all Guitar Center Black Friday deals should be like. 169 drum sounds, 129 instrument sounds, and 10 kit slots give you unlimited freedom for a low price with this kit.

Guitar Center Black Friday 2017 FAQs

  • When does Guitar Center open for Black Friday?
    Guitar Center’s Black Friday sale begins on November 24th, 2017 and lasts until Sunday, November 26th.
  • 2017 Guitar Center Black Friday Hours:
    The store will open on 6AM on November 24th. The online sale will officially begin on November 23rd, 2017 at 12AM.
  • Is the Guitar Center Black Friday deals event online or in-store only?
    Most deals listed in the catalog will be in-store only. However, you can still find many great online Guitar Center Black Friday deals during Black Friday.
  • What is the Guitar Center Return Policy?
    If you are not satisfied with your product for any reason, you can return it within 45 days of purchase given that it is still in good condition and not damaged. You will be given a full refund excluding return shipping. However, items purchased in store or online are eligible for a prepaid packing slip covered by Guitar Center. There are some limitations on the 45-day return policy regarding specific types of gear. Click here for full details on the return policy in case your Guitar Center Black Friday deals don’t work out for you.

Some deals were omitted from our list of Guitar Center Black Friday deals as they could be bought for similar prices normally. Click the image below to download or view the full PDF Guitar Center Black Friday ad scan for 2018!



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