New Zealand: Property Developer Shocked After House Is Dumped On Land

A property developer in New Zealand is shocked after discovering that the land he was planning to begin construction on now has a structure. The land, which is located in an Auckland suburb, now has an entire house on it.

The house left there not only stops their plans of construction but could also cost a lot of money to remove. The house, which is mostly covered by graffiti, is in bad condition, with parts of the roof tiles missing and broken windows.

The property developer is now offering a reward to find those responsible. The land had been recently cleared and the house was abandoned there a few days ago. According to Newshub, the land was cleared for a new retail center.

The plans for the retail center will have to be suspended as they now have to remove the house. The problem is that the house, which the company believes was brought with a truck, could be costly for them. The company believes this is what actually led to the people abandoning the house there. Rod Bray, who works with Northbridge Properties, spoke to Newshub and said that the people behind this were probably trying to cut costs. A demolition there could cost thousands of dollars.

He added that the options are to spend to have it demolished or to dump it somewhere else and make it someone else’s problem. The company is now thinking about what is going to do with the house since demolishing it will cost a lot. The property developer said it will cost the company nearly $14,000 to remove it from the land.

The problem needs to be solved so the company can continue its plans for a retail center. The property developer is now offering a $690 reward for information. He also told local media that if those responsible come and take the house away, they will take no further action.

The discovery shocked the property developer, who says that it is a level up from the old mattresses and other old items that are sometimes abandoned there. He also says it is the first time that he sees an entire house dumped.

In recent months, property developers and authorities in New Zealand have found large amounts of trash, mostly large objects, on the side of the roads. The clean ups have cost the cities thousands of dollars.