No Xbox One X Bundles Coming This Holiday Season, Says Microsoft

There are plenty of console deals at the moment but those waiting for Microsoft’s latest console will not see any bundles this holiday season. The news were confirmed just a few days ago through a tweet.

Microsoft has the Xbox One, Xbox One S and One X but only two of those consoles will have bundles this holiday season. The Xbox One X was unveiled back in June and released on November 7. The system is a new release and many will be looking to have the latest console from Microsoft. Xbox One X sales are reportedly doing well, despite the high price tag. recently reported that the first week of sales of Xbox One X was close to 80,000 in the UK.

Those waiting for the Xbox One X bundles will have to decide to buy the console at its original price or go for other bundles such as the one for the Xbox One S. Xbox’s head of marketing, Aaron Greenberg, has revealed that the company does not plan to have any Xbox One X bundles this holiday season. The news came after a user on Twitter asked him if there would be Xbox One X bundles with games like Destiny 2 or Dishonored 2 this black Friday. Greenberg replied to that by saying they are not planning any bundles with the console this holiday.

This is bad news for those who were waiting for a Xbox One X bundle but this does make sense from the company’s point of view as reports say sales have been pretty good so far. The company and many retailers do have great bundles for the previous release, the Xbox One S. Microsoft’s deals, which start on November 23, are offering the lowest price yet on an Xbox One console. The Xbox One S bundle will be available for $189, $60 off its original price. The bundle includes the console (500GB), a free select video game of choice, two weeks of Xbox Live Gold and one month of Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft has not revealed what the selection of free games will be for the bundle.

The Xbox One X is currently available on many retailers but the console has a $499 price tag. Some retailers might offer a packaged deal during Black Friday that will include a game at a lower price but Microsoft has confirmed that bundles for its latest release will not be happening this holiday season.