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Pet Supplies Plus Black Friday Deals 2017 – Full Ad Scan Leaked

Pet Supplies Plus was founded in Redford Michigan in 1988 by Jack Berry and Harry Shallop. The founders’ goals were to bring the convenience of the grocery store to pet supplies. Each of the chain stores is owned by franchisees as well as company stores. Since their focuses on convenience, they stock a wide selection of both pet supplies and pet food. Depending on the store, they either sell small live animals were just host pet adoptions by the local ASPCA. Pet Supplies Plus is now in over 300 locations all across the United States. Like the other pet stores such as PetSmart and Petco, pet owners are free to bring their dogs into the shop with them. To make it a more friendly place, Pet Supplies Plus actually serves dog biscuits at nose level so the dog can serve themselves as the owner shops.

Since Pet Supplies Plus has leaked its Black Friday 2017 ad online, we’ve compiled some of the best deals so that you can spoil your pet this holiday season. The store is known for being extra accommodating for your animals, so if you would like to shop with your puppy or your parrot, they will do their best make both of those comfortable. They don’t specify in their ad when they open up for Black Friday, or whether their deals are available online. Either way, you want to get there early because items are in limited supply, and there are some deep discounts for you. While each Pet Supplies Plus is individually owned, and hours may vary, most of them are open from 9 AM to 9 PM every day.
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Are you looking to stock up on your pets favorite food? Do they need a new bed, or crate mat, or some holiday-themed toys? Maybe looking to go all out for your cat this holiday season, and get them a new cat tree since the Black Friday deals are so great. Pet Supplies Plus has you covered. You can also get yourself a new friend such as the doors hamster or a bearded dragon on sale. Pet Supplies Plus will have all of the necessities to get them started with the new habitat and food. Make sure you check out the end of the article for the full ad scan by clicking on the picture.

Best Pet Supplies Plus 2017 Black Friday Deals

  • Iams Proactive Dog Food 29 – 30 lb Bag in Select Varieties
    • $19.99 – save $12 This is an awesome deal for a well-known brand that provides balanced nutrition and natural sources of protein. It’s formulated to nourish healthy joints, and fortified with essential minerals to build strong bones.
  • PS+ 4 Level Playground
    • $49.98 – save $100 while supplies last.If you’ve been looking for a tree for your cat that has multiple levels, scratching posts, and would look good in your home, then you found a great deal. Pet Supplies Plus is one of the best places to go for pets on Black Friday 2017.
  • Zoo Med Bearded Dragon Kit 20 Gallon Kit
    • $79.98 – $100 sale while supplies last. If you are planning on getting bearded dragon at the sale this Black Friday, you might as well get the bearded dragon kit too. It includes everything you need such as these heat lamp and the terrarium hood so that your new pad has a place to hang out. It’s also available at a great price.

  • Fancy Feast Cat Food
    • $0.50 3 oz Can, select varieties – excludes Elegant Medleys
  • Friskies Cat Food
    • $0.44  – save $0.10 per can!
  • Beneful Prepared Meals
    • 9-10oz Pkg Select Varieties save $1.88
  • Canine Greenies 27oz package select varieties
    • Save $34.98. These daily trees help prevent your dog from getting plaque and tartar buildup in cavities. They are recommended by veterinarians for good oral health care. Since you should be giving them daily, Black Friday is a great day to stock up for your pets.
  • Tyson True Chews 10-12oz Package Select Varieties
    • Save $14.98. As the name suggests, Tyson true chews are made with natural ingredients, USA sourced chicken, with no antibiotics, corn, wheat, or soy, and no animal byproducts. Treat your dog at a great price at Pet Supplies Plus this Black Friday 2017.
  • All Small Animal Hay – All Size and Varieties
    • Save up to $17.98, starting at $2.48
  • All Small Animal Bedding
    • Save up to $39.98, starting at $1.98
  • Friskies Party Mix
    • Save $1.75
  • All Dog or Cat Toys
    • Buy 1 Get 1 Free – Must buy 2
  • Dog Food – Iams, ProPlan, Blue Buffalo, Solid Gold, Pro Pack
    • $10 off your favorite brands
  • Natural Balance Dog & Cat Food & Treats
    • 15% off – save up to $11.25
  • Greenies Canine Treats
    • Save $10 – Sale price $24.98
  • Tyson True Chews
    • Sale $8.98, save $6
  • Roscoe Waste Bags
    • 50% off – Save up to $7.50
  • Beneful Prepared Meals Dog Food
    • Save $8.50 – Sale Price 10 for $10
  • PS+ Training Pads 100 ct package
    • 50% off, Sale $15
  • Holiday Rawhide or Treats
    • up to 50% off – save up to $10
  • Beds or Crate Mats – all sizes and Styles
    • Save up to $39.99 – 50% off with card
  • PS+, JW, Chuckit, GoDog or Caitec Dog Toys
    • Save up to $10 – 50% off with card
  • PS+ Holiday Toys for Dogs and Cats
    • Save up to $10
  • PS+ Holiday Apparel & Accessories for Dogs or Cats
    • Save up to $12.50
  • Cat Chow 16 lb bag all varieties
    • 2/$20, save up to $13.96
  • Tidy Cats Scooping Litter 35lb Pail, All varieties
    • 2/$20, Save up to $13.96
  • Friskies Cat Food
    • 20/$9 save $1.80
  • Friskies Party Mix
  • Fancy Feast Broths
  • Fancy Feast Purely
  • Cat Furniture
    • 50% off – save up to $89.98
  • Royal Canin Cat Food
    • Save $5 sale $10.98
  • Nature’s Miricle Stain & Odor Remover
    • Save $12.40, Sale price $22.58
  • PetSafe Scoop Free Litter Box
    • Save $50, Sale $99.98
  • Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Cat Litter
    • Sale $11.98, Save up to $7
  • Crittertrail Hamster Starter Habitats
    • Sale $13.48
  • Zoo Med Reptile Starter Habitats
    • Starting at $34.98 – Save up to $120!
  • PS+ Bulk Small Animal or Bird Food
    • Save up to $1.98, 50% off with card
  • Kaytee Timothy Hay
    • Sale $4.98
  • Aqueon LED Starter Kits
    • Sale $29.96 You’ll be sure to have your beautiful fish on display with this vibrant LED lighted tank, and it’s a great price as well.
  • Hagen Betta Cube Habitats
    • Sale $8.48 This cute habitat is available for an awesome deal in select sizes and styles.
  • Aqueon Betta Bowl Kits
    • $19.98 This fish hobbyist starter kit includes food and a bowl for your betta as well as a decorative plant and gravel. A terrific price for a terrific kit.

  • Kaytee Clean and Cozy Small Animal Bedding
    • Sale $9.98 The bedding for your small animal provides your pets with superior absorption, a fun variety of colors, as well as odor control which is more important for you.
  • Ball Pythons, Leopard Geckos or Bearded Dragons
    • Sale $19.98 to $39.98 These animals can get quite expensive, so Pet Supplies Plus is offering a great deal on the reptiles.
  • Standard Male or Female Bettas
    • Sale $1! Betta fish are colorful and low maintenance pets, and Pet Supplies Plus has them at a great price. All bettas really need is a simple environment, and some fish food to get them going.
  • Dwarf Hamsters
    • Sale $9.98 These hamsters are available at a great price, and are adorable to boot. The dwarf hamsters are different from regular hamsters both in their size and their socialization. While regular hamsters prefer to be alone, most dwarf hamsters are happier living with a friend in the same cage.
  • Kaytee Wild Bird Food
    • Buy one get one free – Save $17.98, Sale $8.98 each

Whether you are looking for routine pet supplies or a brand-new expensive gift for your pet, we hope that we’ve helped you out by listing all of the deals that we are able to find for Black Friday at Pet Supplies Plus. Make sure that you get there on Friday as there are some awesome Friday only deals. Unless otherwise listed, most of the sales and discounts are available all weekend long. They truly have some of the best prices, so you definitely don’t want to miss out.

Pet Supplies Plus 2017 Black Friday FAQ’s

When does Pet Supplies Plus open for Black Friday?

Sales start on Friday, November 24th. The ad does not mention that they will be opening early on Black Friday, 2017, and hours vary by location. However, many locations are regularly open from 9am to 9pm on Fridays.

Pet Supplies Plus Black Friday Hours:

Hours of Pet Supplies Plus vary from store to store, even on Black Friday.

Can you shop online or is it in-store only?

While the ad does not state specifically, it looks like the Black Friday 2017 Pet Supplies Plus sale is exclusively in stores. It does say that supplies and savings may vary from store to store. Each store is independently owned by a franchisee, and they reserve the right to limit the number of items that they have available for sale.

What is Pet Supplies Plus’s return policy?

Pet Supplies Plus promises a Hassle-Free return policy, promising to accept anything that one of their salespeople recommended that did not provide you or your pet with the best experience. It does not mention whether it will provide money back in the original form of payment, or if it would be in the form of an exchange or store credit.

If you’d like to see Pet Supplies Plus’s seven-page 2017 Black Friday ad scans, you can do so by clicking on the image preview below.

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