Samsung Galaxy S9 – All The Rumors So Far

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was a pretty nice change from previous releases by the company but the tech world is already waiting to see what the Galaxy S9 will feature and how it will look. A lot of rumors about the flagship have surfaced in recent months and they will probably keep happening as 2018 gets closer. Here are all the rumors about the Galaxy S9 so far:

Production Starting This Year

The latest reports about the rumored smartphone claim that the company will start production of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus this year. This has quickly led to rumors that the device will be released earlier than the Galaxy S8.

Early Release Date

With reports claiming that production is going to start this year, there are now rumors that the smartphone will be released sooner this time. The latest rumors say the phone will be unveiled sooner than expected, with some tech sites claiming that it will happen before MWC 2018 in Barcelona.

The event is one of the most important in the tech world and its where Samsung has unveiled many of the Galaxy S phones before it officially starts. This year, it was a little different as Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S8 weeks after the event. The report claiming that the Galaxy S9 will be unveiled before the event doesn’t say when, so it could happen even a day before MWC officially starts.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini

There could be four Galaxy S9 models next year. The Galaxy S9, S9 Plus and an S9 Active later in the year are all probably going to be part of the lineup. But Samsung could be shaking things up by releasing a new option for those who like smaller smartphones. We’re talking about a Galaxy S9 Mini, which has been mentioned in plenty of rumors in recent days. The latest rumors about the Mini version come from social media site Weibo, where it was mentioned that the smartphone will have a display under five inches. A Mini version would be pretty interesting as it could have the same display found on the bigger versions.

Small smartphones are now very rare and only a few companies have gone back to making smaller devices. We saw it last year with the Apple iPhone SE, a much smaller iPhone that brought improved hardware but a similar design to the iPhone 5s. The last time Samsung released a Mini version was with the Galaxy S5. Samsung has not confirmed any of this and the rumors about a Mini version are nothing new as we also saw them with the Galaxy S8 but let’s hope that if they’re true, the Mini version is as powerful as the Galaxy S9, S9 Plus and S9 Active.

No Fingerprint Scanner In The Screen?

Just a few days ago, The Investor reported that the Samsung Galaxy S9 would not have a fingerprint scanner in the screen. Many users were not happy with the placement of the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 fingerprint scanner, which is located right next to the rear camera. According to The Investor, the company has been trying to bring this technology to its flagship but has had a few issues. The report mentions that the feature might be included in the Galaxy Note 9.

Headphone Jack and Premium Earphones

In recent months, Apple and a few other smartphone makers have decided to get rid of the headphone jack. But Samsung might be planning to keep the headphone jack on the Galaxy S9. According to Chinese leaker Ice Universe, Samsung’s prototype of the Galaxy S9 has a headphone jack. This is just a prototype so it is not yet known if the release will actually have a headphone jack but many users are hoping that stays.

Speaking of the headphone jack, the leakster also said that the smartphone will feature AKG premium earphones. Samsung included AKG earphones in the box with the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Design Changes?

The biggest design changes could happen on the rear. Ice Universe recently mentioned that the rear would be the one to see changes and while the leakster didn’t mention what they would be, a lot of people have an idea. The fingerprint scanner, which has been mentioned in plenty of rumors, could be located in a different spot this time. A dual rear camera is also expected for this release.

A rumor back in August also mentioned that the Galaxy S9 might have a modular design, which would allow users to attach accessories. The LG G5 and Moto Z smartphones have done this and while this has not been confirmed, it is one of the craziest rumors so far as it would be a big change from previous releases.