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Shane Dawson Height, Weight, Age & Girlfriend

A Youtube celebrity, Shane Dawson has been entertaining fans with his videos since 2006. Known for his original characters which often appear in his skits, he has already amassed over 11 million subscribers on the site. To learn more about the twenty-something, read on below.

Shane Dawson – 2017 Facts

Real Name

Shane Lee Yaw

Nick Name

Shane, ShaneTV

Occupation and Job

Filmmaker, Youtube personality, Social media celebrity

Famous For

Shane Dawson is best known for his comedic videos on his Youtube channels- ShaneTV and Shane. As of 2017, he has amassed well over 19 million subscribers across the two accounts. Since his rise to fame online, he has also made himself known in both television and film.

Age – How Old is He?

He is currently 29 years old

Birthday/Date of Birth

He was born on July 19, 1988

Place of Birth/Hometown

Shane Dawson was born and raised in Long Beach, California, where he’d spent his youth. It wasn’t until later on that he moved to Los Angeles for his burgeoning Youtube career.




He is of English, Dutch, Welsh, and Swedish descent.

Shane Dawson Height, Weight & Body Facts

How Tall – Height in Feet

He is 6’0″ tall

How Tall – Height in Meters

He is 183cm tall

Weight in Pounds

He currently weighs 172 pounds

Weight in Kilograms

He currently weighs 78 kg

Body Measurements

At this time, his body measurements are unavailable

Waist Size

His waist size is unknown

Foot/Shoe Size

For now, we do not have any information on Shane Dawson’s shoe size

Eye Color


Hair Color


Shane Dawson’s Personal Life in 2017

Is Shane Dawson in a Relationship?

Back in 2015, Dawson came out as bisexual on one of his Youtube videos, which has since been viewed over 9 million times. The last that we’ve heard, he is in a relationship with American actor Ryland Adams, with whom he currently lives in LA with their dog and cat.

Shane Dawson’s Girlfriends

Previously, he was in a relationship with Garrett Watts from 2015 to 2016. Prior to that, he had also been romantically involved with Chad Morgan, Nadine Sykora, and Lisa Schwartz.


Teresa Yaw


Kyle Yaw Jr. (he was often mentally and physically abusive)


As far as we know, he does not have any sisters.


He has two older brothers, Jacob and Jerid whom he is very close to. Growing up, he often fell victim to his alcoholic father’s physical and mental abuse- ultimately it was his siblings that helped him through these tough times.


As far as we know, Shane Dawson does not have any children.

High School

As a teenager, he went to Lakewood High School in Long Beach, California- he later graduated with his diploma in 2006.

Did Shane Dawson Go to College

No, as far as we know, Shane Dawson has not gone to college. By the time he had finished high school, his Youtube career had already started to pick up.


At this time, we do not have any details on Shane Dawson’s salary.

Net Worth

As of 2017, Shane Dawson has an estimated net worth of $3 million.



Random Facts


In his spare time, he enjoys making videos

Favorite Food

He has stated that bananas are his favorite food

Favorite Actor


Favorite Book


Favorite Movie

His favorite film is Titanic

Favorite TV Show


Favorite Color

Blue and green

Favorite Music Artists

His favorite music artists include 50 Cent, The Notorious B.I.G., Jay Z, 2 Pac, Young Jeezy, T.I. and Nas

Favorite Songs

Smell yo Di*k by Riskay

Favorite Sports



Born on July 19, he is a Cancer

Phone Number

This information is currently unknown


This information is currently unknown

Shane Dawson’s Social Media Accounts & Usernames

Shane Dawson’s Facebook Account

Shane Dawson’s Twitter Username

Shane Dawson’s Instagram Username

Shane Dawson’s Youtube Channel

Shane Dawson’s Snapchat Username 

Shane Dawson’s Snapchat username is @lolshanedawson

Other Interesting Facts:

  • In 2015, the Youtube star released a memoir titled, I Hate Myself: A Collection of Essays by Keywords Press
  • In the winter of 2011, he released a parody of Taylor Swift’s hit song, Blank Space. Not long afterward, however, it was removed for “copyright infringement”
  • For two years straight, he was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Choice Web Star- one of which ended in a win
  • Growing up, his family was poor- this led him to be bullied often in school
  • The Youtube star has always been incredibly close to his grandma, whom he used to love watching TV and chilling with
  • While working at a weight loss company, he got himself and his friends fired after being caught filming videos on the job for his Youtube channel
  • From his teens until now, he has lost a total of 300 pounds- he is obviously much happier with himself now
  • He is a big fan of horror movies- Final Destination in particular

Shane Dawson Bio – 2018 Update

Born and raised in California, Shane Dawson originally took up video-making as a fun project with his high school friends. Later creating a Youtube channel in 2008, he began to create various videos which he then uploaded to his account. One of the most popular users on the site, his primary channel, “ShaneDawsonTV” has since accrued more than 8 million subscribers. Since then, however, he has created a secondary channel under the name “Shane”. His most active account to date, he currently posts original content to the page Monday through Fridays. Across his two channels, he has received over 4 billion video views.

Since his rise to fame, Shane Dawson has also been involved with film- for instance, he appeared in his first feature, Friends 4 Ever in 2011. A couple of years later, he directed the movie, Not Cool, which he also co-starred in alongside Cherami Leigh, Michelle Veintimilla, and Drew Monson. What about his more recent projects? In 2016, he directed two short films- The Lottery, and It Gets Worse. In addition to that, he also released two singles, Girlish Body, and You Didn’t Glow Up, the latter of which featured vocals from Ryland Adams (for those who are unaware, he made his singing debut back in 2011). Of course, he has also been starring in his podcast, Shane and Friends.

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