South Korea Uses Loudspeakers To Update North Korea On Soldier’s Condition

South Korea has brought back the loudspeakers, this time to update North Korea on the soldier’s condition. Earlier this month, a North Korea soldier defected and was quickly taken to a hospital after being shot five times.

A few years ago, South Korea used the loudspeakers to blast music across the border. The loudspeakers can be heard 20 miles into North Korea. In January 2016, South Korea began playing music across the border after North Korea tested a missile.

South Korean military officials said on Sunday that the updates are about the soldier’s condition and his treatment. Two weeks ago, the soldier attempted to drive through the Demilitarized Zone with a vehicle but a wheel came lose. The soldier then made the escape on foot but was shot at by North Korean soldiers.

It was later revealed that the man had been shot at least five times and that he was in critical condition. South Korean doctors also found parasites in his body, believed to be from the bad nutrition and hygiene. He regained consciousness just a few days ago.

According to reports, the soldier is just one of three that have made the dangerous escape through that area. The two previous escapes by soldiers came in 2007 and 1998. The Demilitarized Zone is one of the most guarded places in the world, making it nearly impossible for people to cross.

North Korea has complained about the loudspeakers in the past since they play K-pop and political messages across the border. North Korea is completely against those type of messages since they believe more soldiers could decide to defect. In recent years, people have also sent balloons filled with leaflets and DVDs across the border.

North Korea has reportedly fortified the area where the soldier made the escape. A picture posted on Twitter by US Ambassador to South Korea showed a group of construction workers digging a trench. North Korea has not commented on the defection by the soldier earlier this month but reports say the country placed more machine guns and a gate on the bridge used by the soldier.

The soldier is now in stable condition after undergoing operations to treat his injuries. South Korean officials will question him when he recovers.



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