Survey Reveals How Much Customers Want Amazon Key

Amazon will debut its new Key program in just a few days but a survey has revealed that some customers are not interested in the idea of letting a delivery person enter their homes to leave a package inside.

According to a Survey Monkey survey from tech news site recode, a high percentage of Amazon Prime members would not spend on the Key program. The survey found that 58 percent would not buy Amazon Key while five percent are planning to buy it.

The Amazon Key program, announced just a few days ago, allows delivery people to place packages inside homes. The program requires people to buy a security camera and smart lock, which are a little pricey. The Amazon Cloud Cam, an internet connected security camera, and smart lock combos start at $250.

Amazon has made it clear that customers will be able to watch the entire delivery process through the security camera but some don’t appear to be convinced about the idea of letting delivery people enter their homes to place the package.

Many of the people who said they would not buy the products mentioned security and privacy concerns as one of the main reasons. The survey was done from October 30 to November 2, with over 7,500 adults participating.

The Amazon Key Program isn’t the only one where delivery people will get access to the customers home to deliver a product. In September, Walmart began testing a similar delivery service but only for grocery shopping. The service from Walmart delivers groceries straight to the customers fridge. The company has partnered with August Home for a smart lock. The delivery process is similar, with delivery drivers getting a one time passcode to unlock the smart lock and enter the home. Customers receive a notification during the delivery and can watch the process through August Home security cameras.

Amazon and Walmart are in a battle and while their delivery service may not be for everyone, they are giving customers a preview of what commerce will look like in the next few years.

The Amazon Key program launches on November 8 for Prime members in 37 US cities. The online retailer plans to add more in the future.

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