Uber Teams Up With Rivals In Brazil To Fight Against Regulations

The battle for the proposed regulations continues in Brazil but ride sharing app Uber has found new allies. The ride sharing service has teamed up with its main rivals to battle the regulations, which could affect them all if approved.

Uber is very popular in Brazil but things haven’t been easy for the ride sharing service since arriving there three years ago. The company has avoided a few regulations and bans along the way but is now joining forces with other ride sharing services such as 99 to stop the proposed regulations.

Last week, ride sharing services got a small victory when senators softened the bill that would have made it a lot more difficult to operate in Brazil. The decision came a few days after Uber drivers protested in some Brazilian cities.

Brazil is a very important market for the ride sharing service. It is actually said to be the second largest after the United States. Uber and other ride sharing services are joining forces to stop the regulations from happening. Uber, Lady Driver, 99 and Cabify are some of the apps that have joined forces to fight the regulations.

The bill was softened a few days ago, with some of the toughest requirements being dropped. One of the biggest requirements left out was requiring drivers to own their car.

Taxi drivers, who have protested against ride sharing services in the past, were not happy with the news of the bill being softened. In recent years, taxi drivers have accused Uber and other ride sharing services of unfair competition.

Brazil is one of many places where things have been difficult for Uber. Back in September, the city of London decided not to renew its license to operate there. The company has appealed the decision and is allowed to operate there until a decision is made.

The regulations in Brazil would not only affect Uber but also apps such as Lady Driver, which is planning to expand to another Brazilian city soon. Other apps such as 99 have also joined Uber since other companies have invested in them this year.