Unboxing Video Released of BLUBOO S8+

We officially have the unboxing video up for the BLUBOO S8+, which is the newest smartphone released by BLUBOO. The BLUBOO S8+ was launched on November 11, with a huge discount to start off. There are a lot of aspects that have been upgraded since the original version, and you can click here to see the new unboxing video for the BLUBOO S8+ yourself.

BLUBOO S8+ Unboxing Video Reveals Phone Details

If you look in the unboxing video for the BLUBOO S8+, you will notice three colors. Silver, blue, and black are the colors that this smartphone comes in. We think the silver one is more eye-catching than all of the rest. The metal frame is very polished and the mirror back is seamlessly designed into the phone. You will notice too, that the BLUBOO S8+ also has a 6-inch screen, being both wider and longer than the original. It is still very easy to hold this smartphone in your hand, as you also can see from the unboxing video. There is a rear fingerprint sensor for easily unlocking of the device as well.

The specifics of the BLUBOO S8+ also include a display with an 18:9 aspect ratio with the resolution being HD+. With the BLUBOO S8+ you will also get more brightness and color contrast, which comes from software optimizations. The BLUBOO S8+ comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, so you have a lot of room to store all of your important data and apps. Once the official review is released, we will know more about the performance of the BLUBOO S8+.

More Unboxing Video Details for the BLUBOO S8+

You will also see if you watch the unboxing video that the BLUBOO S8+ comes with a warranty card, film protector, quick guide book, phone case, and two USB cables. Yes, this phone comes with two USB cables supplied by BLUBOO and also two type-c adapters. Besides the phone itself, which obviously comes in the box, these are all very welcomed items to include.

The presale period is still going on for the BLUBOO S8+, and you can get one right now for $149.99. You need to be one of the first 1,111 people to buy the BLUBOO S8+ to get this offer. If you would like to be one of the first people to own the new BLUBOO S8+, click here to head to the product website.