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Walgreens Black Friday Deals 2017 – Full Ad Scan Leaked

Walgreens has been in business for over 100 years, and it’s worked its way up to being the 2nd largest pharmacy chain store in the United States. It was founded in 1901 by Charles Walgreen in Deerfield Illinois. By 1913, they had expanded to 4 stores in Chicago. They grew by leaps and bounds. It now has over 8000 locations all across the United States, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Walgreens used to sell things such as prescription whiskey and malted milkshakes, but now it deals mostly with prescriptions and health and wellness products.

Even though it’s a pharmacy, Walgreen sells much more than just prescription drugs. It also has a photo services department and sells things such as food, greeting cards, gifts, candy, and seasonal items. While you wouldn’t normally think of going to Walgreens and your Black Friday shopping trip, they have an amazing black Friday add with some great deals on stocking stuffers and gifts.

In order to make your shopping trip easier, we’ve compiled a list of many great deals that Walgreens offer is for Black Friday 2017. While we were unable to list everything, there is lots more deals in the full add scan which you can access by clicking the photo on the bottom of the page. Whether you’re looking for boxes of chocolates, holiday decorations, or other gifts, Walgreens has you covered this Thanksgiving weekend. Since it’s also a drugstore, it is most likely open better hours than most stores

Best Walgreens 2017 Black Friday Deals

  • Toys
    • 50% off with Walgreens discount card. Regular price is $9.99 or $19.99. They have such selection as my Little pony, Barbie with the Corvette, Mickey Mouse items, and more.
  • Wireless Speaker with Amazon Alexa
    • $39.99. Regular price is $79.99. This 50% discount is available only with the Walgreens discount card.
  • Christian Siraino Mega or Deluxe Cosmetic Pallet
    • 50% off original price with Walgreens discount card. Sets range from 35 to hundred and 30 pieces.
  • No. 7 Deluxe Skincare Collection
    • $24. This is a discount of 50% off the original price of $48. Walgreens is a great place to go for skincare items on Black Friday 2017
  • Russell Stover Chocolate Gift Box
    • 50% off original price with Walgreens discount card. Available in select varieties. Russell Stover chocolates are great to give people we need to find a gift for, but can’t think of a good personalized one. You can’t really go wrong with chocolate.
  • Paper Products
    • 2 items for $7. Normally $3.99 each. This awesome deal includes Scott paper towels, bath tissue, and extra soft rolls. Black Friday 2017 is a great time to stock up on all the necessities of your house at Walgreens.
  • Energizer Max batteries
    • $7.99 with Walgreens discount card. Available in AA or AAA. Comes in a pack of 16 batteries.
  • 12 Pack Coca-Cola or Pepsi Products or Dr Pepper
    • 3 items for $9 with card and Walgreens online coupon. Limit of 3 deals per customer. No limits in New Mexico. That’s an awesome deal that will let you stock up on your favorite soda in time for the holidays.
  • Holiday Chocolate or Candy
    • 2 items for $6. Regularly $3.49 each. With this tasty deal, you get things like Ferrero Roche or Caramello turtles. You will need a Walgreens card in order to get the discount.
  • Blue Diamond Almonds
    • $2.99 with Walgreens discount card. Available in 9-ounce tins
  • Hershey’s Candy
    • $.69 with Walgreens discount card. Select varieties of 1.4 to 1.85-ounce bars.
  • Mars Celebrations Chocolate Christmas Gifts
    • $3.99 with Walgreens discount card. These items are available only at Walgreens.
  • Holiday treats
    • $4.99 with a discount card. This deal is available on various license popcorn tends as well as Bauducco Panettone breads
  • Select Varieties of M&Ms
    • 2/$5 with discount card, or 2/$4 with the card and one dollar off coupon. This tasty deal is available in 8 ounces to 11.4-ounce bags of the delicious treats
  • DeMet’s, Andes, Queen Anne, or Toffiaffy
    • 3/$5 or $1.99 each. You will need the Walgreens discount card for this deal. Available in 2.9 ounces to 6.6-ounce varieties
  • Wonderful Pistachios
    • $5.99 with discount card. This is an awesome deal on a tasty and healthy snack. The shelves Friday is a 6-ounce bag while the in-shell variety is a 16-ounce bag
  • Singleserve Coffee or Hot Cocoa K cups
    • $5.99. This discount requires the Walgreens card. The deal is available in several varieties of 12 packs
  • Cereal or Oats
    • $1.99 with discount card. This deal is good on select General Mills cereals such as Lucky Charms or Crunch Berries, or Quaker cereals such as Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Also good on quick one minute oats.
  • Sparkling Beverages
    • 2/$5 or $2.99 each with Walgreens discount card. This deal includes sparkling apple cider or welshes sparkling grape juice.
  • Beverages
    • 2/$5 or $3.99 each with discount card. 6 pack Dasani water, sixpack Coca-Cola, sixpack bottles or mini cans
  • 4 pack Red Bull Energy Drink
    • $5.99 with a card. 8.4-ounce cans this is an awesome deal as single cans of Red bull can typically cost you upwards of $3 each
  • Free $10 Walgreens Gift Card
    • with discount card and purchase of $30 iTunes multipack or $50 iTunes gift card
  • Appetizers or Meal Favorites
    • 4/$10 or $2.99 each with Walgreens discount card. This awesome deal includes Foster Farms corndogs, TGI Friday’s mozzarella sticks, Hot Pockets, or crinkle cut fries
  • DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizza
    • Buy One Get One Free with Walgreens discount card. Walgreens is the best place to stop up on all of your favorite foods this Black Friday 2017. You’re going to be hungry after shopping, so you might as well grab some to eat when you get home

  • Just Wireless Mobile Accessories
    • 50% off original price with Walgreens discount card. Includes items like a portable phone charger or spare charging cables or car chargers
  • Sony Headphones or Earbuds
    • 50% off original price with discount card
  • HMDX Bluetooth Earbuds, Headphones, or Speakers
    • 50% off regular price with Walgreens discount card.
  • Game Consoles
    • 50% off original price with Walgreens discount card. 2nd Genesis classic, Atari flashback classic or portable. These items are sure to be popular, so get in on Black Friday 2017 while supplies last
  • Art + Vision Virtual Reality Headset with Earbuds
    • 50% off regular price with discount card.
  • Polaroid Android Tablet 7 inch
    • $29.99. Regular price $59.99. While supplies last.
  • Living Solutions Holiday Light Sets 300 count
    • $3 off the original price of $12.99 with Walgreens discount card. Christmas is coming up fast, so you want to be getting those new holiday lights if your old ones have burnt out.
  • Make the Season Bright Mini Wire Lights
    • 2/$10 or $5.99 each with Walgreens discount card. This is a great deal to decorate a space such as a room were cubicle. These lights are battery-operated and available in clear or multicolor.
  • Living Solutions Holiday Light Sets 200 count
    • 50% off original price with discount card. Regular price $12.99
  • Living Solutions Holiday Light Sets 100 count
    • $2.99 with card. This deal includes a choice of clearer multicolored lights.
  • SanDisk 16 or 32 GB Memory Storage
    • $6.99 to $14.99 with discount card. The special is available Walgreens and you get the choice of USB cruiser glide flash drive, Ultra SD or Ultra Plus microSD card
  • Bicycle Playing Cards
    • Buy One Get One Free with Card. This awesome deal includes fun designs such as steampunk cards, Emoji cards, and others
  • Star Shower Slide Show
    • $39.99. As Seen on TV Brand. This is a fantastic deal because there is no shipping, you can just take it home with you.
  • Star Shower Laser Magic
    • $49.99 for this As Seen on TV alternatives to hanging Christmas lights
  • Sharpie or Paper Mate Pen or Marker Single Pack
    • 5/$5 Walgreens discount card. Available in select varieties
  • Disney Toys
    • 40 % off with discount card. This awesome deal includes toys from the movie Frozen or Other Princess Toys
  • Sharper Image gifts
    • buy one get one 50% off with discount card.
  • Action Figures
    • 25% off the original price with Walgreens discount card. Choose from items like Dragon balls Z, Power Rangers, Destiny, or Batman
  • Crayola Art Supplies
    • 40% off the regular price with discount card. Includes Crayola 46 crayon box, Crayola Color and Erase mat, Maker Airbrush Kit and more
  • West Loop Hats, Gloves, Headbands, Boot Cuffs, Legwarmers, or Socks
    • $3. This is an awesome deal to keep you warm all winter. Walgreens has a bunch of different varieties.
  • Conair Hair Appliances
    • $12.99 with the Card. the deal Includes Useful Appliances Such As Hairdryers and straighteners
  • Dove Haircare
    • 2/$8 with discount card. This deal includes varieties such as shampoo conditioner and more.
  • Conair Bobby pin 60 pack
    • 2/$1 with Walgreens discount card
  • Wahl 14 piece Combo Pro Complete Haircutting Kit
    • $9.99 with discount card and $5 off coupon. Walgreens has some of the best deals on beauty and personal care this Black Friday 2017
  • Studio 35 Men’s Cartridges
    • $4.99 with discount card. This deal on the 5 pack of replacement razors is pretty awesome considering most cost upwards of $20.
  • Olay, Old Spice, or Ivory Duo Body cleansers
    • $3.99 with the discount card and $3 off coupon
  • Cleansers, Creams, Lotions, Naturals, and Treatments
    • buy two get 3rd free skincare. Requires discount card. This awesome deal includes Jurgens and more
  • Massagers or Heating Pads
    • $34.99 with discount card. This deal includes Icy Hot, Sunbeam, or Walgreens brand items
  • Relaxation Solutions
    • $19.99 with discount card. These specials include sunbeam cozy spot heated scarf and select Walgreens heating pads. The deal is only good while supplies last

Walgreens 2017 Black Friday FAQ’s

When does Walgreens open on Black Friday?

Walgreens Black Friday Hours:

Can you shop online or is it in-store only?

The ad says that sale prices are good both in-store and online.

What is Walgreens’s return policy?

Any item that was purchased at a Walgreens store can be returned to any Walgreens store within 30 days for a refund or an exchange. If you still the original receipt, unwanted items will be returned for the full purchase price, and refunds will be issued according to the original payment method. If you no longer have the original receipt, you will get store credit at the lowest advertised price of the item. If it is been 30 days past the date of purchase with the receipt or without one, the return will be issued a store credit to a gift card. Make sure you bring photo identification. For any Walgreens own brand product, if you are not satisfied with it return the unused portion for full price refund. This policy, of course, does not apply to prescriptions or contact lenses.

To view or download the complete Black Friday ad, click below: 

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