Woman Homeless After Her $40,000 Mobile Home Was Stolen

A woman is now homeless after thieves stole a mobile home she had just bought. The home, worth a little over $40,000, was stolen in Devon, a county in southwest England.

The mobile home was at a place where it was being repaired before she moved in. Sonia McColl was planning to move in once the mobile home was ready. Mrs. McColl told local media that she was devastated and totally numb when she heard about what happened to the mobile home.

Authorities say the mobile home was stolen by thieves who knew what they were doing. Mrs. McColl said the mobile home was not insured. She is now living with friends while police search for the home.

Mrs. McColl had recently bought the mobile home. She had previously lived at a mobile home park with her late husband. She bought the used mobile home but had not moved in because it was being repaired. She was planning to move to a new mobile home park once it was ready.

Police say the mobile home was stolen from the yard it was being repaired on. They say the theft happened some time between November 22 and 23. Mrs. McColl found out that her home had been stolen when the company that was going to pick it up noticed that it was not there. She had already bought a few things to move in, including curtains. She says she was also planning to buy a Christmas tree. She told local media that she can’t cry and that she thinks she is still in shock about the whole thing.

She is now living with friends and has received support from people after they found out about her story. She says she has received offers of temporary places to stay and also messages of support.

Police are currently searching for the mobile home, which weighs ten tons. They say an specific trailer was used to steal the mobile home. The haulage company is working with police by providing CCTV footage of the site to help with the investigation. Police are also asking anyone with information to contact them.

Mrs. McColl said the home was insured at the place where it was located and during transport but not where it was being repaired. The things she had in her previous mobile home were not stolen as she had left them in a storage while her new home was being repaired.