Monday, June 5, 2023

Xiaomi Opens Its First Stores In Spain

Xiaomi has opened its first two stores to the public in Spain. The opening comes just days after the announcement of the expansion into Western Europe. It had been rumored for weeks that Xiaomi would open stores in Spain.

Xiaomi’s expansion into Europe brought a number of products to Spain, including the Mi Mix 2. But the stores have more than just smartphones. The first two Xiaomi stores in Spain, located in the Xanadu and La Vaguada shopping malls, opened at 10 a.m. and many fans waited in line to get a look at the store and see the products that the company is offering. According to Spanish tech site Movil Zona, there were long lines like the ones you would see for the iPhone 8 or iPhone X release.

The tech site reported that the Chinese company had a number of surprises at the stores. The store not only had the two smartphones announced for the expansion but also a few other products, including backpacks, power banks and accessories for smartphones.

The Mi Mix 2, Mi A1 and Mi 6 were all in the store for customers to see. The release of the Mi Mix 2 in Spain is a big change from the previous edition. The Xiaomi Mi Mix was only released in China and was extremely difficult to buy in the first few months as the company was only making a few thousand units per month. Its been a different story for the Mi Mix 2, which has now been released in China, India and Spain. The two devices announced last week for Spain, the Mi Mix 2 and Mi A1, are priced at €499 and €229.

Pictures posted by Movil Zona showed long lines waiting for the opening of the Xiaomi store at the Xanadu shopping mall. The first customer of each store saw a celebration from the employees.

The opening of the stores come less than a week after Xiaomi announced an expansion into Western Europe. Spain is the first of an expansion plan that will bring Xiaomi phones and other products to Europe. Xiaomi is popular in China and India but most of its products don’t see a release outside of those countries.

Xiaomi currently has 220 stores in China and more than 100 stores elsewhere. The two new stores in Spain are just the start of the expansion in Europe and it probably won’t be too long before we hear about other store openings in the country.




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