4 Limited Edition Smartphones Coming Soon

Limited edition smartphones are usually very difficult to buy since companies make only a few of them and prices are sometimes even higher. But those who like having a phone that stands out will have plenty of options this month as several companies are getting ready to release limited edition smartphones. Here are four limited edition smartphones that are coming soon:

SMARTgirl Galaxy S8+ Limited Edition

The SMARTgirl Galaxy S8+ Limited Edition was recently announced by Samsung and is now on sale in Spain. The phone comes in a pink metallic finish and a limited edition Swarovski case. The phone is only available in Spain and the company has reportedly made just 7,000 units. The SMARTgirl Galaxy S8+ Limited Edition, which has the same specs as the regular Galaxy S8+, has a price of 949 euros.

Vivo X20 2018 World Cup Russia Edition

Right before the World Cup draw, Vivo announced the limited edition X20. This smartphone brings the same specs from the regular release and its only difference can be found on the back, where there is a 2018 World Cup Russia logo. Earlier this year, Vivo became an official sponsor of the next two World Cups. During the announcement of the sponsorship, it was revealed that the company would release limited edition smartphones for the FIFA Confederations Cup and World Cup.

OnePlus 5T Star Wars Limited Edition

OnePlus recently confirmed the release of the OnePlus 5T Star Wars Limited Edition. The Star Wars 5T smartphone does not offer better specs or features. The device does come in Storm Trooper colors and has the logo on the back. A report has also suggested that the phone will also bring exclusive Star Wars wallpapers. The bad news is that a OnePlus spokesperson recently told TechRadar that it won’t be making it to the UK or North America. The phone has only been announced for the India market and will reportedly go on sale the same day as the movie goes on theaters, December 15. OnePlus has not revealed the price of the limited edition phone.

OPPO F5 Red Edition

The OPPO F5 Red Edition is a collaboration with Vogue India, according to the Brand Director of OPPO India Will Yang. The phone was unveiled at the end of last month and has already been announced for countries such as India and the Philippines. The smartphone comes with an upgraded 6GB of RAM and storage of 64GB.

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