Alaska Might Be Home To The Most Expensive Supermarket In The US

A lot of us are surprised when we see that the price of a product at a supermarket has increased but those living in Barrow, Alaska are probably very used to seeing jaw dropping prices. A video taken last year by His and Hers Vlogs show us just how expensive it is to buy things there.

The supermarket is located in Barrow, the northernmost city in the US. The remote area means that shipping stuff there is very expensive and by very expensive we mean a lot higher than any other US state. The video, taken and posted last year, shows the prices at a supermarket called the Alaska Commercial Company. The video is a year old but it has recently gone viral, with a few shorter videos of the original video now with hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

The video shows that the place is more than just a supermarket, with furniture, refrigerators and ATVs for sale. The video doesn’t focus on the prices of those and immediately goes to the food section. The first product we see is pilot bread but the price of that is not shown.

The crazy prices begin with a 12 pack of soda, which is selling for $12.95. A large bag of Tostitos chips is $10.74 while a toilet paper roll is $2.59. The super high prices continue with a pack of condoms for $13 and boxes of cereal for $8 and $9. Milk is super expensive at $10 while an orange juice is almost something that many would skip as it has a price of nearly $17. Water is $9.59 while an avocado and tomato are $5 and $3 each. The craziest price of them all is half of a watermelon, which is nearly $37.

The prices are in Barrow are extremely high, with some products costing double or triple than in other states. Residents don’t have much choices either, the place is one of the few where these products can be found, according to those who have visited the area just to see the crazy price themselves. In recent years, several blogs have shown the prices of other items like the ATVs and clothing.

The high prices have actually become a main attraction for the area, with many now visiting just to get a look at how expensive things are in the northernmost city in the US.

Here is the video by His and Hers Vlogs:


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