Amazon Customer Complains After Delivery Driver Hides Package With Doormat

An Amazon customer was furious after the delivery driver left her package in a place where it could have been easily stolen. Catherine O’Reilly found the package on her doorstep and was shocked to see that a doormat had been placed next to it. Catherine quickly complained about the attempt to hide it, saying that it was such a stupid place to try and hide the package since she lives on a busy street and anyone could have taken it.

The order was only a baby bath seat but Catherine isn’t happy with what the delivery driver did. She says the package was delivered some time on Sunday and doesn’t know how long it was out there since she was out most of the day.

Catherine, a prison officer, complained about the package delivery on Facebook. In the picture of the post, the package can be seen on the doorstep, behind a doormat. In the post, she also complains about the packaging since it was delivered with the original box. Catherine says the picture was taken before she even touched it and that no note was left with the package. An Amazon spokesman has replied to the complaint, saying that the company takes any complaint of this nature seriously and are working with the company behind the delivery, which is currently investigating.

There have been several complaints on package deliveries this year. A few weeks ago, customers complained about package deliveries that were being made with the original boxes. The customers complained that the deliveries with original boxes were ruining Christmas gifts. Another customer also complained about the amount of paper used to deliver a calendar she had ordered.

One of the craziest stories about package deliveries happened back in September, when an Amazon customer said a package had left him trapped inside his apartment. The long Amazon package was placed right under his doorknob, preventing him from opening the door. The long cardboard box left him trapped inside his apartment and the customer had to contact maintenance to get the package out. The picture of the package sitting under his doorknob went viral but UPS knew nothing about it when the customer contacted them on social media. The customer then decided to contact maintenance since he lives of a fifth floor and his apartment had no windows on that side to step out and remove the package himself.