Arkansas: Waitress Furious After Friend Runs Off With Winning Lottery Ticket

A waitress in Arkansas is not happy that her friend has cashed in a winning lottery ticket and not given her half. The $300,000 lottery ticket was reportedly given to them by their boss. Leslie Underwood says that they had an agreement that any winnings from the tickets given to them would be evenly split.

Ms. Underwood told local media that they talked about several things, including what they were going to do with the money. She added that Ms. Vanhouten, the friend who cashed in the ticket on her own, even discussed giving back and that it was such a blessing.

Ms. Underwood was waiting for her half but later noticed that her friend had cashed the lottery ticket on her own. She says they arranged to claim the money right after 2017 was over but Ms. Vanhouten has already cashed it in.

On Wednesday, Ms. Vanhouten appeared in a picture from the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery in which she was holding the giant check given to lottery ticket winners. The $10 ticket was bought from a liquor store in the area.

Ms. Underwood has not seen her since she cashed in the lottery ticket. The disappointed waitress said in an interview that her friend decided to take it and run. She also told local media that she had helped her get the job at the fast food restaurant. She added that she even let her stay with her so she would not have to drive back and forth. Ms. Underwood is now thinking about legal action if her friend doesn’t decide to come back and split the money won from the lottery ticket.

In other lottery news, a glitch in South Carolina could mean nearly $20 million in winnings for those who bought tickets. According to officials, a glitch on Christmas Day printed several winning tickets in South Carolina. The tickets were sold at a number of stores before the machines were shut down. It is not yet known if the winning tickets will be honored. The state agency confirmed on Wednesday that there had been a programming error.

The board of lottery will reportedly meet soon to discuss the issue. The winnings could be as much as $19.6 million if they decide to honor the tickets sold during that time. It is not yet known how many players have winning tickets but the state has reportedly advised people to keep them until a decision is made.