BlackBerry Ends Updates For Priv Smartphone

BlackBerry has announced that it will end all updates for its Priv smartphone. The announcement comes two years after the release of the device. Alex Thurber, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Mobility Solutions at BlackBerry, announced the end of the updates through a blog post.

The BlackBerry Priv, released in October 2015, was the first phone by the company not to run the BlackBerry OS. The phone instead brought Android along with a few features found on past releases by the company. The phone is a combination of the old and new as it brings a big display along with a keyboard, which was a feature that made the company extremely popular around the world.

BlackBerry Priv

The phone received mixed reviews, with some liking the screen and others feeling that the keyboard was not necessary or not as good as the keyboards featured in previous releases. According to reports, the phone didn’t sell well and many believed that was due to its high price. The company has also announced that it will shut down the BlackBerry World App Store on December 31, 2019. This means that some of the devices will no longer have an option to get new apps.

Thurber wrote that when they introduced their first Android device over two years ago, they committed to delivering two years of monthly updates for the smartphone. The company will continue to honor the warranty for those who still have a Priv smartphone. The company did confirm that if a critical security issue happens, they will release an update for the smartphone.

The Beginning of a Change

The end of updates for devices that are old is nothing new but this is the beginning of a change for the company, which announced last year that it was ending production and sales of phones to focus on mobile security services. The company will license its designs and production to third-party manufacturers. BlackBerry has said it will provide at least two years of additional support for BB10.

The company was once one of the top smartphone makers in the world. BlackBerry attempted to attract customers with the release of phones such as the Priv but it never regained its popularity. The phone also came years after the decline had started and many weren’t happy with the price since it was around the same as releases from Samsung, Apple and others.