Blackview P6000- New Smartphone Contains 6180mAh Battery

There is a new smartphone on the market called the Blackview P6000, which will be releasing later in the month. This new smartphone is different from other types of smartphones out there because it has an amazing battery. The battery, as we all know, is one of the most important features of a smartphone. When it comes to a high-performance battery, the Blackview P6000 has the competition beat. We wanted to tell you all about the Blackview P6000 before it launches later this month.

Blackview P6000 Offers Exceptional Battery Life

What really sets the Blackview P6000 apart from the competition is the high-performance battery. This smartphone features a 6180mAh battery, which as you know, is pretty impressive. It was back in June 2017, when Blackview first announced that the Blackview P6000 would be coming this year. During the Blackview New Product Launch Conference, which was held in Prague, the company detailed what the smartphone would feature. The biggest feature to come from the Blackview P6000 is the 6180mAh battery, which allows the phone much better battery life than previous smartphones.

Along with the amazing battery is the 5.5-inch display. The display features FHD and comes in 1080×1920 pixels. The P25 Octa-Core Helio processor makes for a very quick and reliable product. If you use the FHD screen, you will have an easier time browsing the web. The screen will also help you see your photos much better. The P6000 is considered to be a business phone, between the bigger battery and the slim design of the smartphone. It is important to see with the Blackview P6000 that you can have a bigger battery but not have a clunky or thick smartphone design to go along with it. The P6000 reinvents what we imagine when we think of a smartphone with a bigger battery, as this is as slim as every other new smartphone out there.

This new business smartphone, the Blackview P6000, will be releasing later in the month. We are not sure the exact date yet, so those details have yet to be revealed. If you are looking for a smartphone with a bigger and better battery, this is definitely the best option out there. The P6000 is going to be great for the day-to-day demands of life, especially if you use your smartphone for your business. Keep your eyes open for the release of the Blackview P6000 later this month if a bigger and better battery is something you are looking for in your new smartphone.