BLUBOO D2- The Newest Budget Smartphone Launching During 12.12 Promotion

There is a new budget smartphone hitting the market during the 12.12 Discount Carnival called the BLUBOO D2. This new budget smartphone is going to cost only $50 and will launch globally on December 12. BLUBOO is known for some of the most high quality smartphones out there, so this budget-friendly smartphone is looking to also be just as high-quality. During the 12.12 Discount Carnival, the BLUBOO D2 is going to be one of the biggest gets of the year.

BLUBOO D2 Launches Globally During 12.12 Discount Carnival

During the 12.12 Discount Carnival, the BLUBOO D2 launch is going to be leading the way. This is going to be the last smartphone from BLUBOO in 2017. It comes with a 5.2-inch HD screen and a 3300mAH battery. There is organic glass on the back along with a laser-carved and Nano-painted design on the device. The outstanding appearance of the BLUBOO D2 is just part of what makes this the most budget-friendly smartphone of the year. During the 12.12 Discount Carnival, the BLUBOO D2 is going to be marked down to $49.99, which is a savings of 30 percent.

Even some of the other more quality smartphones are going to cost you a lot more than this smartphone. After this promotion is over, the price of the D2 is going to go up to $69.99. That means you really should get the D2 during the 12.12 Discount Carnival promotion. Even if you happen to miss the promotion, $70 for a phone this high-quality is nothing to sneeze at. There is not really a better smartphone on the market. You will also get a phone cover, customized phone holder, and an explosion-proof protector for the screen. If you would like to know more about the BLUBOO D2 or to get yours during the 12.12 Discount Carnival, click here to get to the product website.