BLUBOO S8+ Official Review & Details

The BLUBOO S8+ has been out for about a month now, and everyone seems to really love this new smartphone. It has a 6-inch screen and comes in an aspect ratio of 18:9 for the biggest and best performance possible. This model is a lot different than the BLUBOO S8, with bigger internal and external components. We are going to go over all of the differences and details of the BLUBOO S8+ compared to the original. You can click here to see the video of the BLUBOO S8+ in action.

BLUBOO S8+ Official Review & Specifications

BLUBOO S+ Key Specifications

When it comes to the specifications of the BLUBOO S8+ it has an 18:9 aspect ratio screen with a full 6-inch HD screen. There are two rear cameras, which are 13MP and 3MP. The CPU is an MTK6750T Octa-Core. The GPU in the device is a Mali-T860. There is also 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM in the BLUBOO S8+. It runs on 360 OS 2.0 and comes with a 3600mAh battery, which is lithium-ion. You will also notice that the weight is very light for the BLUBOO S8+ with it weighing only 203g.

BLUBOO S8+ Display

When it comes to the display of the smartphone, it comes with a 6-inch screen compared to the 5.7-inch screen that comes on the original BLUBOO S8. Sharp is the company that supplied the screen, which means it is definitely high quality. This is an in-cell display, which means the smartphone is much thinner than it would be without the in-cell display.

That display is part of the reason why the BLUBOO S8+ is only about 200g in weight, even though the screen itself is bigger. The change has allowed for a bigger screen, bigger battery, and overall better video performance. The display also has a dual-curved front, with the screen itself coming in Corning Gorilla Glass 4. This allows the device to avoid being scratched or having other issues if the device is dropped.

BLUBOO S8+ Appearance

When it comes to the BLUBOO S8+ you should know that the appearance is much better than the original BLUBOO S8. A lot of people think that the BLUBOO S8 has one of the best appearances for a phone in the mid-range, but the BLUBOO S8+ is far better. The metal frame uses Zn-Ti alloy, which allows for a much better durability. This metal frame also looks much better and there is a smooth handling of the device thanks to the CNC technology. Nano coating and a lot of polishing bring the BLUBOO S8+ to the forefront when it comes to appearance.

The color options are also better with the BLUBOO S8+. You can get mirror silver, sapphire blue, and deep night black. We believe the silver version looks the best, although they all have an amazing appearance. The noise reduction microphone is at the top and the power button is on the right. You will find the volume buttons are on the left. The fingerprint scanner is right in the middle of the back side of the device. With the BLUBOO S8+ you should know that there is not a headphone jack. This means you need to use the Type-C USB, which is on the bottom of the device. The speaker is also on the bottom of the BLUBOO S8+.

BLUBOO S8+ Performance

The performance of the BLUBOO S8+ is great, especially due to the Mali T-860 GPU that this smartphone uses. The power savings is 30 percent more and the performance improvement is about 25 percent better. The CPU is an MT6750T and it is one of the best chips out there. These better internal components allow for easier and quicker browsing, emailing, messaging, streaming of music, and watching of videos. You will also notice you can play most games on the BLUBOO S8+ without any problems. It comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, and this means the phone scores over a 43K at AnTuTu.

BLUBOO S8+ Camera

When it comes to the cameras on the BLUBOO S8+, there is an 8MP camera in the front. This camera is great for taking selfies. There is also a Test Face Age feature in the front camera. That allows for the smartphone to figure out the ages of the person in the photo. You just will need to click on the photo and then it will tell you information. There is also what is known as a smile detection feature, which is pretty fun too. This feature will determine when someone is smiling and then take the picture.

There is also a Facecute Mode in the camera. This will allow for you to put Snapchat-similar types of effects onto your photos. You will no longer need to use third-party apps in order to make your selfies cool and funny. The BLUBOO S8+ also can add various sounds to your images. You can click on a photo from within your album, and then sounds will be reproduced. These sounds would be similar to the sounds that occurred when you took the photo. There is also a screen flashlight, which allows for better low-lighting pictures.

The back camera is more simple, as it has both a 3MP camera sensor and a 16MP camera sensor. The camera in the back is a Sony product, which means it is high-quality. There is also dual-LED flash in the back. This allows you to take naturally-looking photographs regardless of the lighting at the time.

BLUBOO S8+ Software

The software of the BLUBOO S8+ is pretty amazing as well. It runs on a system similar to Android 7.0 which is 360 OS 2.0. The software is all optimized for your full-screen smartphone. There is power saving, convenience, and security with this operating system. There are a lot of functions with the 360 OS 2.0 system, including a harassment recognition system. This means that you get real-time protection, monitoring, and repairs.

There is also a Privacy System, which offers you private space where only you as the owner can view what is in that section. This could be your images, contacts, SMS, apps, videos, and other files you want protected. With this setup, you can have more than one person using the BLUBOO S8+ since you can protect your files using the Avatar Master.

BLUBOO S8+ Battery

The battery of the BLUBOO S8+ is also really cool. It is a 3600mAh battery, which is a long-lasting battery. If you use the phone a lot, there is still the fast charge technology to keep you up and running in a matter of minutes.

These are just a few of the great selling points of the BLUBOO S8+. Between the quality of the build, fashionable appearance, and even the full-screen display, this is by far one of the best smartphones on the market. The user-friendly software and memory also are amazing with this device. All of these things combined make the BLUBOO S8+ the best smartphone by BLUBOO so far. If you would like to get this phone for $149.99 you can click here to head to the product website.