Boy Accidentally Spends Mother’s Month Salary Playing FIFA 18

A mother of four now has no money for Christmas after her son accidentally spent all of her month’s salary while playing the popular football game FIFA 18. The PlayStation video game was bought with her debit card and that would later turn out to be a problem as her son bought in-game coins with real money while playing.

The boy continued playing the game and buying coins but didn’t know they were actually being bought with her money. She complains that the video game does not alert people that they cost money. The FIFA series has featured this option for years and is one of two ways that players can progress through the game mode.

The coins/points are used for the popular FIFA Ultimate Team game mode, which allows players to create their own team by opening packs of cards. Players can earn coins by playing other opponents online. It takes a few games to earn enough coins to buy the best packs. But the game offers a second option, which is to buy points with real money. The points can then be used to open packs. FIFA Ultimate Team features most of the players in the sport and finding the best usually takes many pack openings.

The boy’s mother found out that he was spending her money when she visited the bank. She went to withdraw money but discovered that all of her month’s salary was gone. She complains that it doesn’t tell that there is a cost element when purchasing the game or playing it. She added that he never knew that when he was clicking the money was being taken out of her account.

She contacted the bank to find out why there was no money on her account and she was told about the PlayStation spending. She then contacted PlayStation and was told that there was nothing they could do.

The boy spent her entire month’s salary on the points for the game mode and she told local media that he is upset for leaving the family with no money and ruining Christmas. She says her son has refused to leave his room since last Monday.

This is not the first time something like this happens on FIFA or games with in-game purchases. Back in January 2016, a teenager spent over $7,000 on points for FIFA 16. The teenager said he thought it was a one time fee.