California: Shootings Have Fresno and Madera Police On The Lookout

Police in Fresno and Madera counties are now on the lookout for the person or group behind the random shootings. In recent weeks, authorities have received six reports of shootings targeting vehicles.

The first incident was reported last month and there have been five others since. In the six incidents, vehicles have been struck by gunfire. Four of the incidents have been reported in Fresno County while the other two have been reported in Madera County, according to police.

Police believe the incidents are linked since the counties are close. They have also said the shootings have happened in the same areas and around the same time of day. All of the shootings have targeted vehicles.

The random shootings were first reported on November 27 but have continued since. In one of the shootings, a woman was hit by a bullet. The woman was not seriously injured but police are doing everything they can to catch the people responsible.

In most of the incidents, the vehicles were hit by gunfire. One of the pictures posted by Fox News on social media shows a bullet hole on the back window of a car. Police said with the exception of the person who was injured, they all later checked their cars and found bullet holes.

Fresno County police spokesman Tony Botti told Fox 26 that police have found different caliber bullets from each car that’s been fired at. The incidents have all happened early morning or late afternoon, according to police.

Authorities do not have description of a vehicle or suspect but have revealed that the victims said they heard loud bangs coming from the opposite direction of the road. Authorities are now watching the area closely as six incidents have been reported in less than a month. The latest incident was reported on Monday, making it the fourth in Fresno County and sixth overall since November 27. Police say three of the incidents have happened on Madera Avenue close to Highway 145.

Police have also warned residents about drivers acting strange or with an arm out of the window. Only one person has been injured but authorities are acting quickly as they believe that someone could get killed or seriously injured if they continue. They have confirmed that the woman hit by gunfire in the incident on December 1 was not seriously injured.

Authorities are also asking anyone that has information on the shootings to contact Crime Stoppers.