Canada: Uber Charges User $14,000 For 21 Minute Ride

Uber, one of the most popular ride sharing services around the world, is used by thousands everyday because it offers rides at low prices. But one user in Canada found out that the service can mistakenly charge you the price of a new car.

A man from Toronto, Canada ordered an Uber ride that went for five miles and took a little over 20 minutes. The big surprise came right after when he found out that the service had charged him $14,000. The price of the ride was shared by one of his friends on social media. The tweet included a screenshot of the ride receipt, which shows the CAD 18,518.50 ($14409.43) charge.

The ride should cost less than $20 but the service appears to have made a mistake and charged him a lot more. In a response tweet by his friend, it’s mentioned that the charge has been disputed and that they aren’t backing down.

Several news sites have reported that the company has noticed the mistake and agreed to issue a full refund to the user. An Uber spokesperson said in a statement that there was an error and it has been resolved. The statement adds that they have given a full refund to the user and apologized to him for this experience. The statement ends by saying that they have safeguards in place to help prevent something like this from occurring and that they are working to understand how this happened.

The crazy price of the Uber ride is not the first to make news in recent years. Back in 2015, an Uber user was charged $16,000 for a seven mile ride. The customer also claimed that the driver appeared to be distracted, taking a different route and checking his phone. The customer told local media that she decided to get out early due to his driving. But the nightmare journey wasn’t the only thing that left the customer shocked. She was charged $56 and she contacted the company to let them know that she had been overcharged. She received a $15 refund for that but hours later she received an email that said she owed more than $16,000.

The receipt showed a $4,000 refund but the total was still over $12,000. The customer contacted the company again and they later removed it. The customer was not charged the $12,000 since her credit card had expired in the days after the journey and the crazy charge.