Champagne Incident Forces Emergency Landing

A woman traveling in business class has been fined after her behavior forced the crew members to call for an unscheduled stop at Stuttgart Airport. The incident began when the crew members refused to serve her more champagne. The passenger threw a tantrum right after they refused and things got so bad that they made the decision to stop at the airport.

Situation Out of Control

The airplane, which was flying from Moscow to Zurich, was carrying 43 passengers, who probably weren’t happy that they had to make an unscheduled stop somewhere else. According to reports, the woman got aggressive at one point and began moving up and down the airplane. According to RT, the woman dragged a crew member by the wrist. The crew members tried to do everything to calm the situation but she continued and they were forced to make the stop.

Woman Fined and Facing Another One

The airplane landed at Stuttgart Airport, which is located 135 miles from Zurich. Police were waiting for the airplane to land and the woman was escorted off. She was ordered to pay a fine of 5,000 euros. No one was injured during the incident and police have revealed that the woman could be fined with tens of thousands of euros for causing the unscheduled stop at Stuttgart Airport.

The incident is not the first involving the drink and an airline. In October, a Canadian man sued an airline for serving sparkling wine instead of champagne. The man flew from Quebec to Cuba and says the airline advertised a glass of champagne. The passenger later filed a lawsuit because he was served a cheaper alternative on his return flight. The passenger claims it was misleading advertisement while the airline has said the terms used in the advertisements were to indicate their level of service.