Chile’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sees Advance In Talks With Venezuela’s Dialogue

Heraldo Muñoz, Chile’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, says there has been a good advance in talks between the Venezuelan government and opposition. The two sides met in the Dominican Republic on Saturday.

The first meeting between the two did not end in an agreement but Muñoz says there is a draft that is being looked at by the two sides. Muñoz believes the meeting on Saturday was the first step towards an agreement. In recent months, there have been attempts of dialogue between the Venezuelan government and the opposition. Back in September, the two sides began talks but the opposition later announced that it would not attend the dialogue. Last month, the opposition announced that a resumption of the dialogue had been canceled.

The Chilean politician said they are not there yet, but that they would see if this draft is the base that allows them to reach an agreement. The two sides met on Saturday and will meet again later this month. The meeting was attended by many officials, including Dominican Republic President Danilo Medina.

In the past, talks between the two sides have ended in nothing. The next meeting is scheduled for December 15 and many officials think an agreement will be reached there. The recent meeting comes weeks after the cancellation of a dialogue between the government and opposition. In November, the opposition reportedly canceled the meeting because the foreign affair ministers of Mexico, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Chile and Paraguay had not been invited.

The opposition had previously announced that it was open to restarting the dialogue to discuss the presidential elections scheduled for 2018. The opposition has said in recent months that it is looking to have the right conditions for the presidential elections, including international election observers. The government is reportedly seeking for the support of the opposition against the sanctions. In recent months, the US and a few other countries have announced sanctions that freeze assets and prevent the country from doing business.