China: Zoo Forced To Shut Down After Displaying Inflatable Penguins

A Chinese zoo that recently made news around the world for displaying inflatable penguins has been forced to shut down. The zoo was heavily criticized by those who attended to see the animals. The zoo did have a few animals in there but the inflatable penguins angered those who spent money for the tickets.

The inflatable penguins were not the only disappointing part of the zoo. The real animals that people saw at the zoo are common. Chickens, geese and a few other animals were in display. The zoo’s posters reportedly featured rare wildlife animals and many people quickly bought tickets to see the penguins and crocodiles.

The people instead got to see a tortoise sitting in a glass case and a few others living in a pond, which also contained an inflatable penguin in the middle. There was also a sign that warned people not to touch the crocodile.

After the disappointing visit, many took social media to complain about the zoo. Many demanded for the false advertisement. Tickets to enter the zoo were sold for CNY 15 ($2.27). The zoo was forced to shut down just a few days after the disappointing event but visitors and the owner want an explanation.

The zoo owner recently spoke to local media and denied knowing about the disappointing display of animals. The owner explained that the event, which began on November 25, was held by a third party and that the person in charge was known as Mr. Wang. She also told local media that she has not been able to get in contact with him since the outcry began.

The owner was reportedly surprised about the news of the inflatable penguins used at the zoo. She explained to local media that it was not what they had agreed to and that she found out when the zoo opened. She added that she did not bother after seeing that there were visitors coming in.

The zoo was shut down after five days but questions remain on the event. The owner said that some of the animals seen at the zoo such as the geese and chickens were going to be fed to the crocodile, which never made an appearance. The people who visited the zoo continue to complain on social media sites such as Weibo. Many of them are also asking for a refund since they did not see what was featured in the posters.