How Durable is the New BV9000 Pro?

The new BV9000 Pro launched just a few weeks ago, but we know you might be wondering just how durable this new smartphone is. We are here to tell you that the BV9000 Pro was designed to be rough and tough, just like you. The Gorilla Glass 5 helps ensure ultimate protection and performance, even if you happen to drop the smartphone. There are a ton of features and materials that were used in the BV9000 Pro allowing it to be very durable regardless of the situation.

BV9000 Pro So Durable It Holds Up in Tough Conditions

We want to talk a little bit more about the Gorilla Glass 5. When you compare the BV9000 Pro to the other BV smartphones, the BV9000 Pro is much more durable thanks to the Gorilla Glass 5. It allows you to drop the device from even higher and the Gorilla Glass 5 is there to protect the screen. It is a very rugged device, which means you have the ultimate drop protection. Even if you are on the go and drop your phone while trying to take a picture, the Gorilla Glass 5 will ensure the BV9000 Pro is completely protected. The protection is so great that even if you are at shoulder level with the smartphone, you will not have to worry about the screen breaking if you drop the device.

There is also a lot of sensitivity with the touching components on the BV9000 Pro. The optical clarity is much better than the other BV smartphone models. The Gorilla Glass 5 also allows for the phone to overall be much tougher than other devices. There is also the IP68, which allows the BV9000 Pro to be waterproof and gives it the drop and damage resistance. This is definitely the best outdoor smartphone on the market if you are looking for a high-quality smartphone that is rugged.

Blackview knew you would be skeptical about the BV9000 Pro and the damage resistance. That is why the company released a video showing you just how rugged this device is which you can view below:

The video really showcases how resistant the device is to drops and other possible damaging situations. High performance and very reliable protection are two of the biggest selling points of the BV9000 Pro. If you would like to know more about the BV9000 Pro, click here for more information from the product website.