Is This The Final Design of The Galaxy S9 and S9+?

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has not been unveiled but the latest leak is quite interesting as it gives us a good look on what could be the design of the flagship smartphone. The renders, spotted by Mobile Fun, come from Olixar, a smartphone and tablet accessory company.

The renders reveal pretty much everything about the phone, including the fingerprint sensors. Here is everything we can notice from the renders:

  • The design remains very similar to the Galaxy S8, with only the back showing one small change.
  • The bottom appears to have a small space for the charger and another for the headphone jack.
  • The noticeable change in the back is the fingerprint sensor, which is now under the camera. This year’s releases featured them on the side of the camera, a spot that many felt was uncomfortable or difficult to reach. This means that there will be no fingerprint sensor under the screen. The Samsung A8 and A8+, announced yesterday, have the fingerprint sensor under the camera. The two phones will be released in early January and are said to be the company’s first phones of 2018.
  • The clear case showing the Galaxy S9 reveals a purple color option. This color option was rumored for the Galaxy S8 but never happened. It’s been rumored again for the S9 in recent weeks.
  • The Galaxy S9 will feature one rear camera while the Plus version will have dual rear cameras.
  • A picture of a Galaxy S9 backplate has also been posted on Weibo. The picture shows the cutouts, which aren’t big enough to fit the dual-rear cameras and the fingerprint sensor. This either means that the fingerprint sensor has been moved or that there will only be dual rear cameras on the Plus version, like the Mobile Fun/Olixar leak shows.

What’s also interesting is that Olixar already has the Galaxy S9 cases available for pre-order. Update: They are all out of stock now.

The best part about the renders is that it appears that the phone will keep the headphone jack. There is also a different placement for the fingerprint sensor, which was something heavily rumored in recent months. Nothing has been confirmed but this gives us yet another look at the upcoming device.

What do you think about the renders? Are you waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S9? Let us know in the comments.