Florida Family Find Hidden Camera In Cruise Ship

In recent months, there have been reports of users finding hidden cameras on services such as Airbnb, where people can rent rooms, houses or apartments from other users. But this is probably the first time that a hidden camera is found in a cruise ship cabin.

A Florida family claims they found a hidden camera in their cabin on the Carnival Fantasy. It all began when the couple and son were looking for signs of dust in the cabin since the father had recently suffered an allergy attack. But the family instead found a hidden camera sitting behind the TV.

The father says the camera was pointing at the bed and appeared to have an antenna. The father, who spoke to the Miami Herald, said the concern was that the device was recording and they’ve got a child. He added that his main concern is that if there is a video of him online now. He also said he was concerned for the people who had previously stayed there.

After finding the device, the family contacted security to let them know. Security removed the device and the company later released a statement about its investigation in which they found that the camera was not working. The statement mentions that the company also contacted US authorities when the ship arrived.

The family found the camera when they were traveling from Alabama to Mexico back in October. They say the company has not offered an apology for the incident. They have not filed a lawsuit but the father says he wants to have action taken on it.

The incident is not common for cruise ships but hidden cameras have ruined the stay for users on services such as Airbnb. In recent months, there have been at least three reports of hidden cameras being found in rooms and properties. A couple recently found a camera, which was hidden inside a smoke detector, pointing at their bed. In another incident, an owner of an apartment found that the user who had rented one of her rooms had placed cameras in the bathroom.