French Chateau Is Now Owned By Thousands of People

A French chateau is now owned by more than 7,000 people after they stepped in to save it. The large structure is currently in bad condition but a total of 7,400 people have given money to save it.

The French chateau got the help of the people when a crowdfunding project surfaced. The crowdfunding project raised over 500,000 euros in less than two months and there is now big plans for the French chateau. The thousands of owners paid at least 50 euros to help restore the building, which needs a lot of work.

Plans are to restore the building and then open it to the public. The people behind the donations will be offered shares by a company that will be created to run the chateau next year. Those involved will have a say on the restoration and other plans. They will also have the chance to visit the chateau once it’s ready.

The chateau has seen other attempts of restoration in the past, including one by its previous owner. La Mothe-Chandeniers was built in the early 13th century and has remained nearly the same. One owner restored some areas but the original building is still there.

The property has changed hands several times and even survived a fire that destroyed furniture, paintings and parts of the library. The fire left millions in damages but the property was bought in 1963 and then sold in 1981. Marc Deyemer, who bought the chateau in 1981, tried to get it back to what it once was but he stopped trying after many years. The property has now been taken over by nature, with greenery all over the front balcony, entrance and roof.

Deyemer told a local newspaper back in 2013 that he spent two years trying to save it but that his efforts had been torpedoed by some people. The former math teacher did not say who was torpedoing his efforts to save the chateau. The chateau has been abandoned for years but restoration talks are back with the crowdfunding project.

The donations have bought the property but there is still a lot of work left for the chateau to be fully restored. The private company behind the crowdfunding project needs at least 500,000 euros for building repairs. The founder of the private company helping with the crowdfunding project recently said that donations are still being done.