Homeless Man Who Helped Stranger Buys Home

A homeless man who used his last few dollars to help a stranger has now bought a home with the money that was raised to help him. It all began when the man spent his last $20 to fill up a gas tank for a woman who had ran out of gas on an Interstate 95 exit ramp.

Johnny Bobbitt not only spent his last $20 but also walked a few blocks to buy the gas. He returned and Kate McClure was able to go home. She didn’t have money to pay him back at the time but didn’t forget about what he had done. She later looked for him to give him some money and food. She visited him a few times to bring food and water but then she had a better idea.

Kate and her boyfriend decided to create an online fundraiser page to help the homeless man. The fundraiser idea turned out to be a very good one as it has raised nearly $400,000. Bobbitt wrote on the GoFundMe page that the feeling is indescribable and it’s all thanks to the support they have shown. He added that he’ll continue to thank them every single day for the rest of his life.

Details on how Bobbitt ended up in the streets have not been given but he recently said that it was a combination of bad decisions and bad situations. Bobbitt served in the US Marine Corps and also worked as a paramedic before he ended up in the streets of Philadelphia.

The money raised has already been spent on a few things but there is bigger plans for the rest of it. Bobbitt said he is donating some of the money to a student who is helping another homeless veteran. That homeless veteran also has his own GoFundMe page, which has raised more than $10,000 in three days.

Bobbitt has now bought a house and a truck and has said he’ll have pictures of that soon. Last week, the three were invited to a podcast, where they talked about the story and everything that’s happened. The GoFundMe page for Mr. Bobbitt has over 41,000 shares and is currently at $399,355.