Huawei P11 To Have Three Cameras?

Dual rear cameras are now common in smartphones but Huawei could be taking things to the next level soon. The smartphone maker has released plenty of phones with dual rear cameras, just yesterday it announced the Honor 7X and Honor V10. The company is rumored to be working on a few devices but the most interesting rumors are now for the Huawei P11. In recent years, the series has become quite popular for its good cameras and other great features but the next smartphone in the series could arrive with something that other devices currently don’t have, three cameras.

There have been two front cameras and plenty of devices with dual rear cameras but the Huawei P11 would be the first to have three, if the rumors actually end up being true. The three camera setup will allegedly allow to take 40MP photos. The company also seems to be working on having the best selfies, with 24MP shots.

The interesting information comes from a digital artist, who revealed Huawei promotional materials and later removed them. The images give information on the triple-lens Leica rear cameras, 24MP pro selfie camera, pro night mode and pro AI camera assist. All of the images have the Leica logo and the Huawei logo on them.

The images were removed and nothing has been confirmed but this only adds to the rumors about the features we could see for one of Huawei’s most popular series. Huawei teamed up with Leica in 2016 to bring us high quality photos but its next release could be the best yet.

In recent months, there have been a few other rumors about Huawei’s flagship phone. One report recently suggested that the phone will have a Kirin 970 processor. That same report suggested that the phone will now bring 8GB of RAM. Its also been rumored that it will have a fingerprint scanner under the screen.

Next year’s releases from Huawei could be quite interesting as the triple camera would be a first. Let’s not forget that the company has also confirmed that it is working on a foldable smartphone for 2018. Triple cameras, fingerprint scanners under the screen and foldable smartphones could mean a great year, if not the best, for smartphones.